Pothole alert!

By:  Diane Benjamin

A reader sent a pic of a pothole at IAA and Eastland Crossing.  (I have no idea where this is!)   Yes, that’s rebar at the bottom.  Are those official City of Bloomington cones?  Who added the rock?

Keep sending pics!  Consider it a Public Service.  I wonder what this road is rated?

pothole alert

11 thoughts on “Pothole alert!

  1. Nice… looks like the rebar is in a possible tire destroying orientation. At least the downtown streets are nice now. Thanks Mayor Little Man!


    1. All the lawyers in the downtown area should like that. Who or what else is there to drive there to see. Probably the only reason they are there is so they can run over to the court house ASAP to make a back room deal with a judge. If it wasn’t for that they wouldn’t be there.

      Any word on what porno company is buying the old State Farm building? I haven’t seen anything in that worthless Pantagraph lately. My mother got a renewal letter for delivery for some ungawdly amount. I threw it in the trash. How much for nothing in it! As the plenary guardain I know that isn’t going to get renewed. Hahahaha I got a web browser message from their website when I turned on a browser ad blocker.

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    1. Probably some resident put the cones there would be my guess. Maybe that is what people should start doing. Adopt a pot hole by protecting it with cones. Hahaha can you imagine what the streets would look like with all the cones? .

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  2. I asked someone who works at KFC on N. Prospect one day when are you calling the city to fix the turn in entrance in the right of way. That’s been a mess for I don’t know how long. Practically tears up your front end on your vehicle turning in there. They told me there has been either a dispute or disagreement with the city over how the expense should be split between KFC and the city I told them every customer that comes in should call the city and complain. Get it fixed!. Prospect north of Eastland Drive is one **** of a mess too.

    The problem is the city is so far behind repairing they will never catch up. That’s what happens when voters elect air head council members and mayor to run things. Not to mention the entertainment business they want to manage also.

    It’s been a few years since I have been to Waukesha, WI. Another dumpy town with streets all torn up. I have always said Bloomington is a runner up to their 1st place for crappy streets. .


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