Sorry Fish, it was Scott Miller – For FISH – WJBC

Scott Miller was the on air guy, it wasn’t FISH.

By:  Diane Benjamin

A guy who calls himself Fish Martin is covering for Scott Laughlin while he is undergoing cancer treatments.

This morning he talked about comments to a WJBC story they posted on Facebook.  This is the story from the WJBC website:  Bloomington City Council Approve Name Change for Gender Neutral Title

Three of the new aldermen requested the change – Carrillo, Crabill, Emig.

Fish was upset with the tone of the comments.  He claims he moved here last September, therefore he doesn’t know the history of Bloomington.   Fish is just more uniformed media.  The news director Katherine Murphy claimed the vote only took a few minutes.  It didn’t.  It and the proper procedure for putting things on the agenda by alderman was discussed for close to 15 minutes.

Bloomington does not have a strong conservative voice people can get behind, a “Stan Nord/Marc Tiritilli” with common sense is badly needed.  The citizens are stuck with rotten roads, the losses at the Coliseum and BCPA, constant tax and fee increases, and a Council with priorities that don’t reflect those of the population.  The Facebook comments reflect how real taxpayers feel.  Fish hasn’t been here long enough to know that.

It’s a bad sign that three aldermen are worried about what they are called.  Note one new alderman – Donna Boelen – didn’t care.  She is obviously there to make good decisions for the people in her ward, not be on a power trip with a title.

Since Fish read the names and some of the comments on air, I’m not going to redact names.  These are some of the comments, go to Facebook if you want to see more:



23 thoughts on “Sorry Fish, it was Scott Miller – For FISH – WJBC

  1. Hey Fish Brain…. We got two different movies playing here in Blono – 1) Is the real world where real people who work and pay taxes are getting enraged by the leadership ignoring them and the real problems of the city. 2) Is the imaginary world led by a leftist (never worked a real job) college professor and his posse who want to impose their brand of leftist socialist ideology and craziness on the community.

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    1. Unfortunately, they are not imposing it. He stood for re-election. The majority of the citizens voted for this nonsense.


  2. In general, media people are full of personal ego. What really bothers them nowadays is that the common man has wised up to the reality that more often than not, they are shills for ultra liberal types. They all think they are Uncle Walter where people used to hang on his every word until he was exposed and media competition was introduced. Nobody that I know of religiously listens to WJBC anyway unless they want the local gossip. Even under corporate leadership the station’s old model is still used and is stale and relatively uniformative in a 24 hour news cycle. It hurts when you used to be the one that walked down the street and we’re recognized and every old lady in town wanted to tell you how important you were to the community. Now it’s better you leave the station with an eye cutout paper bag over your head since no one respects you. That’s what guys like “Fish” can’t stand.

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    1. Yes the Age of Information makes what they have/had and them worthless. They can’t control either the information or the narrative anymore. This of course drives them crazy. Sorry Fish Brain… we will not be compliant NPCs anymore.


      1. Fish is probably worried he won’t get a seat at the “cool kids” table for the next Chamber of Crony Commerce event.


  3. You’re spot on, Diane. The real conversations among the citizenry and a true gauge of how people feel can be found on Facebook and chitchat among neighbors. The local media is either all on with Tari, Jenn, and the far-left agenda or they are so far removed from reality that they don’t understand how and why people are so pissed off. The overwhelming majority of citizens could care less about the verbiage of alderman…we just want a sensible local government with the proper priorities. By the way, I wonder how much it will cost to change all the title placards, business cards, website references, letterhead, and other written references to “alderman”. More money taken away from the working class by Jenn and the far-left.

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  4. Fish wasn’t on the morning show my friend. He was busy hosting the AFTERNOON show, so i doubt he had time to participate in the morning show


      1. Obviously, you don’t listen. Fish has been covering afternoons as Scott Miller has sat in to cover Scott Laughlin’s absence. Fact checking often helps.


    1. And with all due respect, a quick check of the WJBC website – will show that you are mistaken, that it for sure was not Fish on the air this morning


      1. Check your times. Fish would normally be on from 10-noon but he is covering afternoons for Scott Miller who is covering mornings for Scott Laughlin. The conversation happened well before 10am so even if Fish wasn’t covering afternoons it still would not have been him on the morning show.


  5. If you are so bothered by your elected officials vote them out. The majority of the community doesn’t vote. Get your people together and vote. That radio station and any others are run by ratings. If you don’t like what a radio station does, don’t listen. But this blog got about as much information correct as the rest of the internet does.


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