More BCPA losses

By:  Diane Benjamin

Two more reports have appeared from March, three are from April.

These two shows made money:


These three shows lost money, the losses wiped out the profits above.  Note the number of tickets sold:


Why does this continue?

Because the City thinks you need entertained.  The cost is immaterial.  It’s “Quality of Life” spending that mostly benefits City employees.


5 thoughts on “More BCPA losses

  1. The Downtown Dome is and has been a travesty. This city’s government is being run strictly under the table from the mayor on down. The City Council needs to realize that you can’t make strawberry short cake out of horse manure. The Dome is the apex of a white elephant. Either sell it or turn it into a bus depot.
    Who gets the comp tickets ? Advertisers ? Pillars of the community ? City employees ? The Bistro ?
    And you Mr. Mayor, should not the City Council human beings have a say in who conducts the Council Meetings and who should be the temporary mayor ? Mr. Mayor, you are not a member of the City Council.
    Your job is to mediate not rule.

  2. When there seems to be an obvious pattern as to what sort of events make money and which ones do not, one would THINK it would become clear to the geniuses in charge what sort of events are the most likely to be successful and attempt to schedule more that fall into those areas of interest- if BCPA was ran with private funding then that would be a different story, then it would just be the backers/promoters losing money, but that is not how it is. How hard is it to see patterns as to what what works and what doesn’t? Oh and there can still be variety, but it would need to be stuff that more people would come out for and actually pay for if this place is ever going to be an actual asset to the city. They might be surprised if they would simply branch out and away from the proven flop type events and replace them with some different genres.

      1. Ahh yes of course, sort of like that “If ONE person wants/needs whatever then it must be provided”, and the “if ONE person is “uncomfortable” with whatever” then NO ONE gets to have/enjoy/see it regardless of their desires. So basically WE pay for John and Mary and Sam and Norma to have the BCPA to themselves so they can enjoy the Bulgarian wine experts prattle on for 90 minutes about the unusually early grape harvest in Bulgaria in the years 1962 and 1963 and how that affected the wine production that year complete with slide show and that only costs 1500 bucks to book them so of course these 2 fine couples must be able to go see them – ok got it.

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