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IAA Drive looks much better now except for the road markings. Does this mean you can take a shortcut to Veterans Parkway? (I don’t suggest it!)

4 thoughts on “Shortcut?

  1. NOT a short cut. It’s a “neighborhood” street that serves the area, but YES, it’s WAY better then using Veterans, but so is most any roller coaster..

  2. There have always been painted arrows on IAA. Hopefully no one actually follows the Eastbound arrows !

  3. Oblivious, inefficient bureaucracy on display — don’t they realize that the paint used on those unneeded left-turn arrows could have been used to re-stripe the precious bike lanes scattered across town? And don’t give me the IDOT highway markings mandate BS, this just oozes stupidity.

  4. They probably had to hire an out-of-town expensive consultant for this project. Right Tari?

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