More on the Town of Normal-Update

Normal didn’t stop at 2 Tax Increment Finance Districts – More tomorrow by Diane Benjamin The last report on properties bought – sold – given away – and held by the Town of Normal focus on the Normal Uptown Increment Redevelopment.  Part of that strategy is to pay for the plan using the difference between […]

Who Gave Normal Permission to Buy & Give away Properties?

by Diane Benjamin Since Chris Koos has been elected Mayor more than once – You Did! In previous posts about the Town of Normal, I stated in 2003 every citizen was $11.52 in debt to Normal.  By 3/31/11 every citizen was $1725.18 in debt.  The 3/31/12 financial statements have not been issued yet.  A look […]

Normal Il – What is Up With the Debt?

by Diane Benjamin The Normal Mayor and City Council decided the outlined area in the picture below was blighted and needed to be redeveloped. They filed a plan and deemed this area a Tax Increment Financing site (TIF).  They have purchased A LOT of properties and gave some away.  More on that below.  Click on […]

Jeers to the Pantagraph and the Town of Normal

In the 5/4/2012 Our Views section, the Pantagraph printed: Cheers: As Normal’s “uptown” nears completion, applause is due for the town’s vision of sustainability and “green” building.  The most recent touch is the green roof on the new transportation center/city hall, where plants will help cool the interior and perpetuate the oxygen/carbon dioxide cycle necessary […]