Global Warming: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE (ha)

Make sure you read to the end! From the Washington Post: The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulate, at Bergen, Norway. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters, and explorers all […]

Quit pretending local elections are non-partisan

by:  Diane Benjamin First – Thanks to my broad base of contributors who regularly send information they think readers need to know.  I can’t do it without you.  I also will NEVER disclose where the information comes from, unless the sender agrees.  And yes, I do have people inside government disgusted with how taxpayer money […]


Expert witnesses totally dismantled warmism July 22, 2013 by Marc Morano   During yesterday’s Environment and Public Works hearings, Sen. David Vitter asked a panel of experts, including experts selected by Boxer,“Can any witnesses say they agree with Obama’s statement that warming has accelerated during the past 10 years?” For several seconds, nobody said […]

Normal Property Tax Assessments

by:  Diane Benjamin As previously reported, the Town of Normal paid $725,000 for the Underwood House, at the time it was appraised for Real Estate tax purposes at $480,225.  ( Are the assessed values that bad in Normal?  I decided to look at some recent property sales in Normal to see.  Also included are a […]

The Real Facts on the Normal purchase of the Underwood House

by:  Diane Benjamin The citizens of Normal are lucky that Koos has abandoned plans for the Underwood House.  The idea was to create a showcase of green technology so all citizens could see how to retro-fit their houses.  It would have cost you a fortune. Unlike what the Pantagraph reported today, there was no appraisal […]

MCRPC spending YOUR money Again

by:  Diane Benjamin I’ve written before about the McLean County Regional Planning Commission – the un-elected group funded largely by the State who gets their money from the Fed. They claim to “advise” local governments, but their advise always comes with a lot of money.  We have lost the autonomy to govern ourselves because the […]

Elections: Normal

Often elections don’t have a clear choice or show clear differences between the candidates.  In Normal you have a clear choice.  Most people believe in term limits for politicians, with good reason.  When people are elected over and over and over the absolute power they feel is corrupting.  We have many obvious examples:  Harry Reid, John […]

Attn: Chris Koos and Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg thinks he knows what’s best for us.  Last Sunday he said this:  Sometimes government does know best. And in those cases, Americans should just cede their rights. Read more: Bloomberg has billions of dollars and thinks it is his job to save the world with it, so he started “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”.  If that […]

What drives Chris Koos?

by:  Diane Benjamin If you haven’t heard Sustainability over and over and over in Normal, you haven’t listened.  Look at “Uptown”.  Why are the shops on the ground level with apartments above?  Why did the Council vote to complete a study for a grocery store?  Why are shoppers mostly required to park in a garage and walk? […]

Normal: How would you feel if you got this in the mail?

by:  Diane Benjamin Imagine you receive your Property Assessment Notice in the mail and overnight your property doubled or tripled in value.  This is what happened to many property owners in “Uptown” Normal.  The figures listed must be multiplied by 3 to reflect the value the Normal Assessor assigned to the property. For instance – […]

Chris Koos and Electric Cars

This report from Michigan is exactly the plan Normal and Mayor Chris Koos have for the area, except Koos wants to go even bigger – up to 100 charging stations for non-existent electric cars for people rich enough to pay for themselves: Electric Car Owners Get a Free Ride in Ann Arbor By AUDREY SPALDING | Jan. 16, […]

Other Money Normal WILL vote to spend tonight

From the meeting packet: Motion to Waive the Formal Bidding Process and Accept Quotes Totaling $88,609.02 from Dell For the Purchase of Computer Equipment So much for getting local bids. DKMallon Cost Proposal  Grocery Feasibility Study Fact Finding Review $ 3,500.00 Market Assessment/Analysis $ 7,200.00 Site Evaluation $ 4,500.00 Report of Findings $ 1,000.00 Proforma/Site […]

Bloomington – Normal Illinois: GOVERNMENTAL “THEFT”

Editor Note:  Alderman Judy Stearns voted against at least 2 budgets specifically because of unfunded pensions.  She was ignored by the Mayor, City Manager, and the rest of the Council. by:  Carl Woodward CPA The two communities where I am located (Bloomington/Normal, Illinois) have not fully funded their pension and health care obligations over the […]

Agenda 21

So, you thought the local activists were making it up?  Blowing Normal’s role in enacting Agenda 21 out of proportion?  So, is Dick Morris making it up too?  He wrote a whole book on it-sounds like he’s been eavesdropping on our local conversations: Agenda 21: Obama’s Plans For America By DICK MORRIS Published on on October 9, […]

Chris Koos and Green Koolaid

by Diane Benjamin At a breakfast this morning, Mayor Chris Koos talked endlessly about electric cars, the numerous charging stations he plans to bring to town, and how much he loves his EV. Evidently he doesn’t realize nobody else wants an all electric car, but it’s YOUR money being invested in charging stations nobody uses.  Even if […]

Local Governments: Reject UN’s Agenda 21

The writer of this article is fighting the same battles that CityWatch and BLNNews have been reporting on – control of local government by the federal and state government. as directed by the United Nations.  John F. McManus is from the Rockford area.  The McLean County Regional Planning Commission recently tried to get Bloomington to […]

Normal: Paying to Manipulated You

Below is a list of the top 50 people paid by the Town of Normal in 2010.  Go to is you want to see names.  Medium HOUSEHOLD income in McLean County 2006-2010 was $57,642. 2010    Town Of Normal         $156,585.31 2010    Town Of Normal         $134,396.06 2010    Town Of Normal         $122,905.14 2010   […]

Your Personal Property Rights, Hile Group, and the Town of Normal

If you haven’t watched this video – TAKE the TIME NOW.  Start at 33:51 and watch until the end. The video is a presentation by Julie Hile, hired by YOUR local government, with one purpose:  Get the agenda of government funded and implemented by controlling the conversation. This video talks specifically about people in Bloomington-Normal […]


Earlier this  year in March, the citizens of Bloomington and Normal took the opportunity and exercised their right in a fair and square, uncontested, open election process that was without incident.   In that election. citizens decidedly  rejected a proposal that would have, essentially, allowed local government to choose the source of citizen’s electric utility and who that electricity would be provided by.  In fact, more citizens participated […]

What is the Role of LOCAL Government?

Let’s talk local government.  What is their job, what is their responsibility to citizens? Bloomington thought you needed entertainment, so you got the Coliseum and the BCPA, neither has made a profit or even broken even.  They both need YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Normal thought you needed a new Uptown and they aren’t done building and […]

“Visioning” for Agenda 21 and YOUR Money

The City of Bloomington is “Visioning” – so what exactly is it? The Town of Normal “Visioned” the Uptown project – now the formerly sleepy town is BURIED in DEBT.  Of course they have a plan to pay for it!  Raise taxes – they already have.  See this previous post: A large part of […]

Agenda 21 – Normal Illinois

If you know NOTHING about Agenda 21 – watch this video: False-Choices-The-Story-of-Agenda-21-713151488 The entire “Uptown” Normal was redeveloped for “sustainability”.   Here are pictures of 2 new buildings – commerce on the main floor, apartments above: Uptown is covered with these buildings!  The town wants to build another one in the empty lot across from the […]

Properties the Town of Normal Own-Visual

The properties pictured are all connected to the Uptown project. The Town of Normal is listed as the owner on all yellow properties.  All of the properties were checked on the McLean County Assessor’s Office website.  The parcel pictures are all from the Assessor’s site. The Town of Normal, McLean County, Unit 5, and all […]

Normal Illinois Saves the Country!

by:  Diane Benjamin CPA, reg The total cost figures for the multi-modal transportation station vary from report to report – but I will use the ones listed in the Pantagraph above: Total Cost:                      $43,300,000 Tiger grant:                    $22,000,000 […]

Something Else You Probably Didn’t Know About Normal Il.

Eminent Domain was meant for government to obtain land from private citizens for the public good.  Until 2005, public good meant for schools, public buildings, & roads, but the Supreme Court decided eminent domain could be used against a private citizen for use by another private citizen.  The Town of Normal is now famous for […]

Shenanigans or Tragic? More on Normal, Il.

All the the following is public information or it was obtain under the Freedom of Information Act. On August 20, 2008 – Simon Wilson sold the following parcels to One Main Development for $1,412,500: 14-28-435-013  114-122 E Beaufort 14-28-435-027  North of -013 to College 14-28-435-014   North of -013 to College 14-28-435-030    North of -013 to […]