A Letter to the Editor the Pantagraph refused to print

Stockton, California has just filed for bankruptcy. They are $700,000,000 in debt. Stockton is six times the size of Normal and they started to renovate their downtown in the 90s, which is a main reason for their bankruptcy.

The city made $90 million in drastic cuts over the last three years, including reducing the Police Department by 25%, the Fire Department by 30%, and cutting pay and benefits to all employees. And still they can’t make ends meet.

The Normal city government was $90,000,000 in debt in 2011, but in 2003 it was only $533,000 in debt. This is over 160 times more debt in just 8 years.

Why is the city government doing this? Is it for prettier downtown buildings?

I like living in Normal, but I don’t like paying so much in taxes for the privilege. During these eight years the property taxes have gone up only 12%, but the other eleven different taxes that citizens pay have gone up a whopping 48%.

Since only 9% of the registered voters elected the current mayor, and even less voted for the council members, some of my friends cynically state the people are getting what they deserve. However, I don’t really think that is the case. I think most people believe that a city or town government wouldn’t waste taxpayer money, and just haven’t paid attention. Unfortunately, what people don’t know can hurt them.

Vic Connor

3 thoughts on “A Letter to the Editor the Pantagraph refused to print

  1. OMG. Normal is $90.000.00 in debt? I used to think that Bloomington was bad with their ridiculous coliseum. Oh, wait. Maybe I should not be so happy. I will bet that Bloomington is more in debt than Normal.

  2. So what is wrong with this letter that the P-graph won’t print? Uhh, nothing except they hate the facts. That is why like a lot of other newspapers across the country, their revenue is down. Good letter here. Good info to know and reason enough to vote out the incumbents when the next election comes along. Nielsen & Gaines are a big part of this spending. Send them packin’ Normalites! Please!

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