Voters Fail to show Up – Normal

2011 Consolidated

Registered voters            26,586

Votes Cast                        2,754

Percent                               10%

This is an election Without a mayor running for election

2009 Consolidated

Registered voters               30,999

Votes Cast                           4,864

Percent                                 16%

This is a race With a mayor up for election

Chris Koos doesn’t want voters turning out in April.  He can easily win re-election when most of the voters stay home.

Do you appreciate being in massive debt since Koos took over the city?  Do you like not being able to drive and park in Uptown Normal?  Do you like the rest of the city being ignored while Uptown was built?  Do you want close to $2,000,000 more spent on the Underwood House so it can be an environmental showcase? What other plans does Koos have?  Obviously he plans to continue spending your money, or he wouldn’t be running again.

Think the City Council, Koos’s Yes votes, should also be replaced?

If you fail to vote and fail to encourage your neighbors to vote, it is your fault when the Koos agenda continues after the April election.

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