Normal: How would you feel if you got this in the mail?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Imagine you receive your Property Assessment Notice in the mail and overnight your property doubled or tripled in value.  This is what happened to many property owners in “Uptown” Normal.  The figures listed must be multiplied by 3 to reflect the value the Normal Assessor assigned to the property.

For instance – the first property

2011 value –  $386,100  ($128,700 x 3)

2010 value – $164,208  ($54,736 x 3)

The value more than doubled in 1 year!

Some are even worse.  Many of these properties had little or no work done to them.  Was the Normal Assessor just completely incompetent, so they raised all the values to actual in 1 year?  Or, is there another reason?

There is.  Find out Monday!

All information is from the County Assessor’s website:


4 thoughts on “Normal: How would you feel if you got this in the mail?

  1. And so the story goes that it is, that it will be, more expensive to LIVE, work, and play for the common good, in the collective as communitarianism (Communism) Koos regime otherwise know as Normal, IL. Taxes go up, fees go up, increased costs will be passed on to the consumers as the quality of life gleefully lauded by moonie-infecteced planners, city managers, and visionaries as you, we, (with some common sense) know damned good and well it is bovine excrement. Next up is the Downtown Plan in Blm.

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