Something Else You Probably Didn’t Know About Normal Il.

Eminent Domain was meant for government to obtain land from private citizens for the public good.  Until 2005, public good meant for schools, public buildings, & roads, but the Supreme Court decided eminent domain could be used against a private citizen for use by another private citizen.  The Town of Normal is now famous for eminent domain abuse because of testimony given before a US House Subcommittee.

The entire report can be read at:

From the testimony of Dana Berlinger, Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice before the United States House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution – April 12, 2011:

The report is easy reading – well worth the time.  You need to know what to expect when the government wants your property next.

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  1. Of course, those of us paying attention at the time knew exactly how liberally the Town was exercising its notion of eminent domain.

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