Your Personal Property Rights, Hile Group, and the Town of Normal

If you haven’t watched this video – TAKE the TIME NOW.  Start at 33:51 and watch until the end.

The video is a presentation by Julie Hile, hired by YOUR local government, with one purpose:  Get the agenda of government funded and implemented by controlling the conversation.

This video talks specifically about people in Bloomington-Normal who are and were opposed to Form Based Code and the Main Street Corridor.  It calls these people TEA Party – incorrectly – considering the TEA Party wasn’t involved in this issue.  To these people anybody standing up for Freedom, Liberty, Personal Property Rights, and opposing Agenda 21 are nuts and the fringe.

How many times has the issue of Form Based Code and the Main Street Corridor been raised?  How many years has local government been trying to cram their agenda down the throats of businesses along Main Street?

Does government have the right to ANY agenda or the right to hire consultants to learn how to get it passed?

How many cities across the country have filed bankruptcy – partially because of pensions – but many because they built and built under the assumption their opinions and election gave them the right?  Evidently, wanting good police and fire protection plus good roads isn’t the highest priority, visioning your future takes precedence.

The video title is:

Understanding the Role of Sustainable Urbanism in the Conservative Agenda

The conference was held to specifically discuss how to make conservative opinions irrelevant by taking control of the conversation.

Previously, City Watch reported on this issue:

So, how much taxpayer money has been paid to Hile Group?

Stay tuned – Report coming.

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