The Paycheck Deduction Racket Every American Should Know About

by: Diane Benjamin

I issued a Press Release last year, but local media wasn’t interested.  Probably explains why a site like this was necessary.

Occasionally gets something right:

Dan Rutherford’s office and numerous legislators in Springfield  were asked to verify the claims.  Rep Keith Sommer’s office was the first to answer.  Below is the explanation received:

Sorry for the delay in this information.  I contacted our Department of Revenue and the response below is what I  received back from them on the video you forwarded to Rep. Sommer.
Anne Armitage, Leg. Aide
The EDGE credit act has been amended 3 times in the last year to allow particular companies to use the EDGE credit against their withholding obligations rather than their tax obligations.  Tax columnist David Cay Johnston has been in a video talking about how Navistar, Continental Tire, Motorola, Ford, Chrysler, and Mitsubishi were doing this
State income taxes withheld from employee’s paychecks are being retained by some companies in Illinois, meanwhile the State’s bills go unpaid.
Since last year and a 67% tax increase, the unpaid bills in Illinois are still at least $7.5 billion and could be as high as $9 Billion.

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