The Real Facts on the Normal purchase of the Underwood House

by:  Diane Benjamin

The citizens of Normal are lucky that Koos has abandoned plans for the Underwood House.  The idea was to create a showcase of green technology so all citizens could see how to retro-fit their houses.  It would have cost you a fortune.

Unlike what the Pantagraph reported today, there was no appraisal done on the Underwood House.  If there is an appraisal, the Town is in violation of the Freedom of Information Act because I requested one, they said it hadn’t been done.  Worse, Normal paid $725,000 for a house that was appraised for tax purposes at $480,225.  The Pantagraph reported Normal paid $30,000 less than appraised value.

You can read all the stories I did starting last October:

Keep staying home on election day Normal.  Your council consists of hand-picked Koos clones who will say yes to almost anything.  This time you got lucky.

3 thoughts on “The Real Facts on the Normal purchase of the Underwood House

  1. Diane, but if Normal can contribute taxpayer money to ISU for a scoreboard, it’s also logical to contribute money to the Zellers for the benefit Avanti’s brought to the community. =P

    And I know they are looking for grants to do more with the house/property

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