Earlier this  year in March, the citizens of Bloomington and Normal took the opportunity and exercised their right in a fair and square, uncontested, open election process that was without incident.   In that election. citizens decidedly  rejected a proposal that would have, essentially, allowed local government to choose the source of citizen’s electric utility and who that electricity would be provided by.  In fact, more citizens participated in and voted no against electric aggregation than took part in and vote FOR the Mayors of both communities in their respective elections.

Amid a hodge-podge of attempted explanations supporting government’s intervention into this consumer/citizen right-to-choose issue by a myriad of groups, organizations, individuals, and even local government officials themselves – elected and otherwise –  the attempt was unsuccessful to influence the mind and actions of free and thinking citizens.

A flurry of intellectual assaults were levied against the opponents of the plan by those same entities – including government.  The attack attempted to discredit those opponents that stood firm in their position.  Defending the right of the citizens to choose and to limit further government intrusion into the everyday affairs and choices that are truly not within the scope of government did not seem to be a worthy cause to local government officials and the progressive and liberal groups they aligned themselves with.

Let’s fast-forward

The issue hasn’t disappeared. In fact, the aggregation matter has been building steam throughout the ranks of Normal’s local Town officials, its elected representatives, as well as those same, progressive, liberal groups and individuals.  Obviously, they are all  unsatisfied with the results of the Normal citizens’  recent rejection of their unified plan to intervene and affect the right to personal choice.  So, they’re going to try it again.  Just last week, Normal’s Town Council approved to have the aggregation issue placed on the ballot – again – this coming November.

In support of their upcoming effort that will essentially cancel out – read that, disenfranchise – the Normal citizens’ original vote – and absent any legitimate or legal challenge to its result, the same ideology accompanies it this time around, the same explanations  are being tossed out, and the intellectual assault continues.

Just a couple of days ago, Normal City Manager, Mark Peterson, appeared on WJBC radio and was interviewed by Station host, Jim Fitzpatrick.  When the topic of utility choice came up, that citizens already have the ability to make a decision on their own without government interference for an electric supplier independent of government, Peterson commented that most people aren’t sophisticated enough to do that.


Peterson went on to say that the Town of Normal was in a much better position to make these decision because they used “experts” to make decisions for the citizens.

But let me pose this, if you will. If citizens aren’t sophisticated enough to simply go online – which they do over and over multiple times a day – and compare prices(see link below), determine which price is the lowest available, then make the choice, what else will the government decide the citizen isn’t sophisticated enough  to decide for themselves?

But, really, what is Normal’s City Manager saying? Is Peterson implying that  they don’t have real-life knowledge, don’t have decision-making ability, are not an informed public, or don’t know how to make use of intelligent information?

Again, WOW!  Because those are all descriptive and definitive of a lack of sophistication.  What does that say about the choices they have made in other areas, like when they cast votes for Mayor Koos, or the rest of Normal’s aldermen?

Everyday, Normal citizens decide to spend, sometimes, hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a home – that’s right – an entire built structure that their entire family will live in for years, maybe decades.  Bankers are involved, real estate agents, interest rate decisions, phenomenal financial factors and variables are studied, considered and discussed – sometimes between no one else but husband and wife. Imagine that. How many times do Mr. and Mrs. Jones get so overwhelmed regarding all these complex decisions, factors and variables over buying an entire house, land or property,  that  because they’re simply not sophisticated enough to do that, they call Normal City Manager, Mark Peterson, and ask for  the expertise that only Town of Normal  Staff can provide? It’s rhetorical. Point is, citizens don’t have the capacity to decide on an electric company?  Again, rhetorical. Let the community know – take the poll to the right.

Normal Town Council
“we use experts”

Where does it stop?  Good Energy will come back to our hometown and once again, attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities of unprepared, unwitting citizens and try and convince them they are uneducated, unsophisticated, and unlearned in the intricacies of electric utilities.  They, along with the Town officials and elected representatives, will disseminated information to attempt to convince Normal citizens that hundreds of dollars can be saved and that the only way this can be done is to allow your local government to perform this complicated and complex task for them.
This isn’t rocket science, Citizens. But, of course, if it were, you’d certainly want to relinquish any rocket science over to your local government, because, after all, they use experts.

Government intervention and interference where it should not be is not rocket science, is not complex, and doesn’t even require you to be sophisticated.  It doesn’t even require an expert.

First, retirement benefits. Next, health care. Now, your utilities. Electricity. Then your natural gas. Next the water.  Where will it stop?

Normal citizen, you voted NO once already. Why should you be disenfranchised?  How many times are you required to cast your vote before your voice is counted? Before your voice is heard?

Where will it stop.

If not us, then who?


Of the people, for the people,
and for the good of the community
Citizens are able to view and compare rates and prices from multiple independent energy suppliers at the following link:

If citizens find they are confused or overwhelmed with any of the information and choices, you may contact CITYWATCH and someone in our organization familiar with the process and choices will help explain and guide you through the process so you may make an informed choice on your own.
[email protected]


  1. They’ve got experts for sure, “EXPERT LIARS!” Unscrupulous salesmen with their literally slick sales brochures, graphs, and big money to fool the unsuspecting. I predict that they will fail again.

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