Report from an Illinois delegate at the RNC

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I find this situation to be very troubling to me.  As you may know, Ron Paul had won sufficient delegates in at least five states to earn him a speaking slot at the convention. Through the legerdemain (perhaps more appropriately, strong arm tactics) of the RNC, many of those delegates were stripped, leaving Paul with insufficient representation to speak.


At first he was apparently to be bared from the convention altogether, but that was reversed so that he could work the floor with his delegates.  That Paul did not have the nationwide draw to win the nomination is not in question.  He does, however, have wide and strong support.  That support could have been, for the most part, transferred to the eventual nominee, had they treated Paul with the respect and inclusion he deserves.  All the GOP hierarchy has done with this move is to alienate those people, to the discredit of the RNC, and the partial emaciation of Romney’s strength in the election.


This is nothing more than totalitarianism with a Republican label.  I don’t claim to be an expert in the execution of a campaign, but I do have a sense of equity and fair play. Frankly, the more I see of the slick, “How can we fool them today” attitude of many campaigns, the farther away I want to be from them.  As you all know, this is shaping up to be a very close race.  The question occurs to me; can we afford to send potential foot soldiers and voters away, through the unnecessary and divisive methods employed here by the RNC?


Perhaps, much like Thomas Moore, I have my own version of utopia.  In my version, politicians say and do things that are actually good for the country, state, etc.  Also, the proletariat responds to that, knowing the long term benefit that is to come from it.


I contend that if the RNC believes it can win with these bulldozing methods, it is setting itself up for a fall.  Perhaps I am missing something relevant here and am, therefore, misguided.  If so, someone please apprise me of it so I can put my disgruntled thoughts to rest.  In the absence of someone to disabuse me of such thoughts, this looks a lot like union thuggery at work in an environment that claims to abhor union thuggery.



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3rd party anyone? 

6 thoughts on “Report from an Illinois delegate at the RNC

  1. The GOP/Dem parties are nothing but a dog and pony show, no offense to our furry friends. The Establishment that controls the media and our government doesn’t want to have anything to do with a true American such as Ron Paul that will put the interests of We The People 1st, as per the Constitution ahead of the bankers and corporations that are raping this country for whatever they can get their dirty mits on..

      1. I said that I would “highly consider.” The fact that I would “higher consider” as I exercise my personal choice does not insure an Obama win. Unfortunately the insurance remains in the hands of those who count the votes.

        Further I had hoped that this site would possibly provide some intellectual discussion of ideas rather than snarky one line comments. If not starting with webstaff then I would see no reason to continue to participate.

        1. We are just tired of sanctimonious voters who throw away their vote as some protest move. You won’t even be a footnote in history. We have a communist and a businessman running for President. If you don’t see a clear choice, sleep on it and try again tomorrow.

  2. All politics start locally. While I did not support Ron Paul, he earned a right to speak and his delagates a right to vote their convictions. If you want a revolution, start locally and vote for candidates that support your principles. As a example, bloomington is 218 million in the whole/debt.Normal is 90 million in the whole. We need to flush out the mayor and alder persons of both towns, at least most of them,not judy Stearns. We need a mayor such as lex green or better yet alton franklin. I know of only one alder person in bloomington who want the UN flag to go and is Judy.That is unless the UN should be making local decisions by the city manager while your taxes and your freedom is squashed.

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