Renner and Gun Violence

By:  Diane Benjamin This is one of those stories I meant to write days ago but didn’t get to it.  Since yesterday was Illinois Gun Lobby Day in Springfield, today I got to it.    Thousands of people were in Springfield: There is one thing Democrats don’t get: Criminals don’t care about laws Last […]

Was fertilizer banned when McVeigh killed 169?

By:  Diane Benjamin Isn’t heroin illegal Pantagraph?  How’s that working out?  You just did a series on it! They couldn’t help themselves.  Today they called for more gun control.  Gun control is nothing more than an attempt to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. News Flash: Criminals don’t care what laws you […]

Pantagraph assault on the NRA

The Pantagraph is well known as a left wing paper, maybe that’s why subscribers have left in droves and anything they report is questionable. Lately the editorial page is on a campaign against the NRA, guns, and the 2nd amendment.  Dick Durbin would be proud. The NRA was founded in 1871.  From the NRA website: Dismayed by […]

the Left and gun bans sends multiple lie filled emails a week – the low information voters fall for them as evidenced by the last election.  They actually believe they have a good chance of banning guns now.  There is never a discussion of mental illness, prosecuting parents who allow their mentally ill children access to guns, tying background checks to mental […]

Ban Guns? We will not comply!

What happened in England after gun ban: What happened in Australia after gun ban: Need More?  What Happens When GUN CONFISCATION Is Forced On People By Their Government Very long – but worth it!  We will not allow history to be re-written by anti-gun activist. What wants: Below is an email from Staci […]