Was fertilizer banned when McVeigh killed 169?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Isn’t heroin illegal Pantagraph?  How’s that working out?  You just did a series on it!

They couldn’t help themselves.  Today they called for more gun control.  Gun control is nothing more than an attempt to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

News Flash:

Criminals don’t care what laws you pass!

The best way to NOT get caught in a mass shooting is to stay out of Gun Free Zones.  Shooting fish in a barrel is only slightly easier than slaughtering unarmed people.

Orlando terrorist:  Muslim

San Bernardino terrorists:  Muslim

Fort Hood terrorist:  Muslim

Boston:  two Muslims – without guns

Sandy Hook:  Mentally ill guy who stole a gun from his mother

Colorado Theater:  Mentally ill guy

All Muslim aren’t jihadists, but all jihadists are Muslim.  The Pantagraph blames only guns.  We aren’t allowed to lock up the mentally ill, but we can throw tax money at it.

Political correctness is getting Americans killed – not guns.  Somebody knew and could have stopped every one of these attacks.

Every gun in the country could be banned (with a lot of bloodshed doing it!), killers will still kill with whatever they have available.

Liberals need to quit trying to steal the RIGHTS of citizens and start attacking the REAL problems.

The purpose of gun control is tyranny.  Why are there now more Federal non-Defense Department armed officials than Marines?  http://www.dailywire.com/news/6713/pretty-much-every-government-agency-has-guns-hank-berrien

If everybody joined the NRA all shootings would stop.  None of their members have ever committed a mass shooting!

I had hopes the Pantagraph would call for a gun ban for anybody under Federal investigation.  Maybe “anonymous” realized his Presidential candidate (who is protected by guns) shouldn’t be allowed to run for President under Federal investigation either.


(No fertilizer isn’t banned)




17 thoughts on “Was fertilizer banned when McVeigh killed 169?

  1. False flag events of hoaxes and crisis actors are ok when the end justifies the means in the lib-tard handbook. Doubt much of this stuff ever happened.

  2. The purpose of the current attack on gun rights is a distractions from the real issue. Democrats are already viewed as soft on terrorism and weak on national security. The last thing they need in an election year is for a domestic terrorism attack to happen on their watch. That is why Orlando is being painted as a gun control issue instead of the terrorist attack it really was.

    1. I’m with Mudd. Little real evidence that any of these scenarios even happened. As a matter of FACT there is lots of evidence that these scenarios were false flag events to enact more gun control measures. Disarming law abiding, non-threatening citizens that most definitely have a right to self defense in blatant defiance of the 2nd Amendment and all that it stands for.

  3. Hey did you hear about the recent lockdown of the EAC?
    While two people were having lunch one person says to the other, “Hey can you pass a salt shaker?”
    Obviously distracted by their baloney sandwich and made in Mexico Oreo cookies (that used to be made in the USA) person number two only heard “a salt” and freaked put. Chaos ensued as 911 was called and the SWAT team arrived. After ransacking the picnic area for three hours, the 14 member SWAT team found no weapons and declared the area safe.
    (((Lol, this is only a joke, haha.)))

  4. Of course criminals do not follow laws, ergo they are criminals. Law-abiding citizens break the law. The law itself isn’t a deterrent but it states the penalties for people who assist and decide they want to break the law. What gets me are these lawmakers who want to be a bathroom cop despite very little evidence to suggest sex offenders will hide behind being transgender in order to violate women and children. But when it comes to guns, we shouldn’t have legislation because criminals will find a way to break the law. This despite the very real scourge of gun violence. Tyranny is having elected officials so far down the wallets of the NRA that they refuse to consider ANY legislation the would eliminate loopholes and strengthen background checks. You can prevent the mentally ill from getting guns but that is hard to do when there is not a federated database to disqualify mentally ill folks when purchasing firearms. Just calling it radical Islam won’t help either. Just like calling Ted Cruz a radical Christian doesn’t do anything. If you are a law abiding citizen you get to have a gun. If you try to circumvent the law, you will not get a gun. The Constitution doesn’t guarantee parity. You should be able to get what is necessary. If you are worried about black helicopters and tanks rolling down Main Street. You probably shouldn’t have a gun.

    1. Which exact loopholes should be eliminated to save us from people that are hell bent on killing people Mr. X? Also Mr. X, if there were no more guns do you think that the hell bent killers would say, “Oh darn, no gun guess I can do no harm.” Wow. Talk about black helicopters and tin foil hat speculations, lol. No more loopholes, no more killing. If I thought you were onto something, I would be in your corner. But you Mr. X are only paroting libtard talking points with no regard to the facts. Reducing loopholes and background checks sounds good but apparently you haven’t read the legislation being proposed. Evidently as well you haven’t (or you don’t care) about the proven history courtesy of Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hilter, Mao, and other dictators that as policies or registration lead to gun confiscation that these tyrants literally murdered millions of their own citizens. In that case Mr. X, the people did experience helicopters and tanks in the streets. Not worried Mr. X., but it is possible. Did you know Mr. X that democratic congressman Charles Rangle has stated that citizens should not own guns? Google it. Nancy Pelosi and others believe the same. That is their end game Mr. X, no more guns for American citizens. Take away their rights little by little til they have none. Do some reading besides watching Meghan Kelly and drooling. Perhaps you shouldn’t be an American Mr. X due to your apparent disdain for the 2nd Amendment.

  5. People who go around shooting others have behavioral issues. (No, I’m not trying to be politically correct–just more precise.) They would be classified as sociopaths or psychopaths–especially mass shooters. Laws already exist to address sociopathic behavior. Sociopaths, aka criminals, don’t abide by society’s rules. If caught and found guilty, they are to be punished. The insanity plea for the Colorado shooter is a good defense for a sociopath or psychopath but that does not mean he suffers from mental illness–a different, specific medical classification.
    To clarify, someone who is suffering with mental illness is more likely to turn a gun on themselves then on someone else. It is highly unlikely a suicide would be done with a military style weapon.
    Laws already exist to control the sale of guns. Those laws should be enforced before adding more. In my experience, responsible gun owners understand and respect their guns, using utmost safety measures.

  6. I think the events are real and definitely happened. However, I am convinced the national media at times uses actors in order to get fast interviews to air immediately after a tragedy.

    1. Yeah the STAGED events happened but not as the official govenment narrative brought to you by the lame stram media want you to believe. Repeat it often enough and lies become truth according to Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s Mister of Propaganda). Mike I truly respect your opinion and I wish there were no reasons for me to differ, however I would suggest you seek alternative sources for more information. Just “you tube” it and see the multiple videos of factual information that raise a lot of questions. See what you see with objectivity and ignore the belief that, no my government wouldn’t do such a thing, cause they have and they will.

  7. With concealed carry legal in all 50 states, if guns and irresponsible owners were really a problem, wouldn’t we be hearing about reckless shootings on a daily basis?

  8. As usual, disappointing and incomplete work on the part of BLN News. No one is trying to ban all guns. The fertilizer ammonium nitrate is — guess what? REGULATED. Plus, it includes identifying chemicals tags, that were opposed by the NRA (figures). Since then, they’ve developed a fertilizer that is non-explosive — a safe fertilizer. Safe gun technology also exists, but predictably opposed by the NRA.

    And speaking of incomplete, here are some NON-Muslim perpetrated shootings. Think of it as reading for ‘weekend fun…sort of.”

    In 2012, a neo-Nazi named Wade Michael Page entered a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and opened fire, killing six people and seriously wounding three others. Mr. Page, who died at the scene, was a member of a white supremacist group called the Northern Hammerskins.

    In June 2014, Jerad and Amanda Miller, a married couple with radical anti-government views, entered a Las Vegas pizza restaurant and fatally shot two police officers who were eating lunch. On the bodies, they left a swastika, a flag inscribed with the slogan “Don’t tread on me” and a note saying, “This is the start of the revolution.” Then they killed a third person in a nearby Walmart.

    In November 2015, Robert Lewis Dear, a Christian, killed three and injured nine at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dear voiced on several occasions his support for radical Christian views and interpretations of the Bible, and praised people who attacked abortion providers, saying they were doing “God’s work.” He also described members of the Army of God, a loosely organized group of anti-abortion Christian extremists that has claimed responsibility for a number of killings and bombings, as heroes.

    June 17, 2015, The Charleston church shooting that took place at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Dylann Roof killed 9.

    1. Well yeah Rob, someone(s) is trying to ban all guns for the citizens. The dismantling of the 2nd Amendment is happening inch by inch, one step at a time. Step it up a bit and pay attention, it is clearly in front of your face. I could list many actions but I would prefer you do your own research so you have the sources in front of your face cause you’re not going to believe me. You’ve already missed so much.

      The NRA supports the education of safety and training of gun ownership for law abiding citizens. The NRA and several other organizations support the 2nd Amendment because without it the other Amendments would have no teeth. Peace is enforced at the end of a gun barrel whether we like it or not. Self defense is a right to ALL people! Get over it.

      The safe gun technology (if you would do your homework) isn’t safe. Like most new technology there are still alot of bugs to work out. In addtition the premise allows only on person (who the gun is registered to) to fire it. What if that technology fails? Aim, point, click, oh shit. If my life depends on it,,,no thanks. Give me a simple to operate mechanical tool. Yeah Rob, you’re one of those guys that when a cop is called you expect him to show up with a gun to enforce the law, lol.

      Prescription drugs kill far many more people than legally owned firearms. Where is your outrage about that Rob? Do you harbor any disgust for REGULATED Big Pharma and the FDA ? Look at the 6 ads per hour on TV for prescription drugs Rob. Ask your doctor if such and such works for you while they list off about 20 side affects many times including loss of sight, death, annal leakage, shortness of breath, etc. Then as the evening continues we see the class action lawyers noting an opportunity to get in on the action of drugs the public has been consuming for years. Find a new hobby Rob. On this blog you’ll lose the match.

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