Comparing area cities

It looks like the magazine made a mistake.  They are talking about Springfield, Bloomington was a typo.


By:  Diane Benjamin

The following page is from a publication called Decatur Magazine, that’s Decatur Il.

I think it is printed every other month.  An acquaintance in Decatur always gives it to me, this page is the only part that interests me.  Decatur’s version of the Economic Development Council compiled the statistics.

Bloomington-Normal’s EDC will never print these stats.  Taxes are higher here – and look at the CRIME INDEX:  double Decatur’s.

Higher salaries here mean a higher cost of living.  That’s basic economics.  It why the cost of living in Washington DC is much higher, and why Congress should never get a raise.  Click on the pic to enlarge it.

If Decatur wasn’t in a depression it would be a great place to live.  Good luck finding a job there though.  Live on the northwest side, no ADM/Staleys smell.


6 thoughts on “Comparing area cities

  1. Look closely. Bloomington’s population is listed as 116,809. That must be B/N combined. Wonder what the statistics would be if Bloomington and Normal were compared separately.

  2. I believe it’s a misprint and should say Springfield, not Bloomington. The real estate comparison was Decatur & Springfield..not Decatur and Bloomington.

    1. Stan, I believe you are right. In the article, the population of Springfield is listed as 116,809.

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