The EDC’s shocking Cost of Living calculator:

By: Diane Benjamin The BN Economic Development Council should be using their own tools to improve Bloomington-Normal instead of supporting taxpayer subsidized housing in Normal. A calculator to compare the Cost of Living is right on their website: Did you know the Cost of Living is higher in Bloomington-Normal than other cities? Both Bloomington […]

Cost of Living doesn’t affect Normal’s non-union employees

By: Diane Benjamin Both of the pics below are from Normal’s current budget: PDF page 92 PDF page 375: Want to know what the December 2020 to December 2021 Consumer Price Index is for all Urban Consumers? 7% So, while inflation is destroying your household budget, every employee of Normal except Police and […]

Normal vrs Caterpillar

By:  Diane Benjamin March 16:  Normal hands out semi-annual Cost of Living pay increases based on national rates, not local.  They claim the increases are to keep talent. Keep in mind corona virus was ramping up, ISU had already extended Spring Break.  Pritzker had closed public schools. Announced yesterday: You are looking at […]

Tari Renner Fact Check

By:  Diane Benjamin Yes Facts do matter. Tari Renner campaigns using his own: What’s the truth? Comparisons between Normal and Bloomington are not available, but the other cities are. City property tax rates are meaningless to compare because a City with higher Assessed Values doesn’t need a tax rate as high as cities with lower […]

Comparing area cities

It looks like the magazine made a mistake.  They are talking about Springfield, Bloomington was a typo.   By:  Diane Benjamin The following page is from a publication called Decatur Magazine, that’s Decatur Il. I think it is printed every other month.  An acquaintance in Decatur always gives it to me, this page is the […]