Seven things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


If you want to know who locally got PPP loans from the Federal government there is a database for that:

This site was created to find fraud. If you click on a loan the chances are good it will show “forgiven”. This is free money and it is not taxable. The Federal Constitution and the State of Illinois’ say government can’t harm your business without compensation. This was done to prevent lawsuits from businesses being shut down. None of this money is real, it was all printed and is now one of the causes of inflation.

There are some really interesting names in the database. Fraud can be reported, I’m sure plenty is on the list. You don’t have to enter a name to search. Just type Bloomington or Normal and click Illinois.


Justin Barr is changing his company name. Maybe he had trouble getting work with the old name when court cases across the State appear if a potential customer search it.

I wonder if this is a violation of his probation?


If you want to see a comprehensive analysis of the Climate Change myths this is it:


On the Connect Transit agenda for last Tuesday was hiring Houck Transit Advertising. They want to outsource this to free up staff time.

PDF page 21 shows past revenue:

PDF page 22 shows what Houck has promised:

That minimum Guarantee is 56% of the total, it’s a little confusing. This is a smart move, maybe Houck can find somebody other than other government entities to buy ads. (those are what I see the most of)


Yesterday IDPH reported another 2485 breakthrough hospitalizations and 151 deaths in fully vaccinated people. Follow along at this link:

IDPH only reports totals, they don’t want you to see the weekly increasing trends. Deaths did drop from 211 to 151 from last week.


If your kids face any abuse at school for not wearing a mask let me know. That would violate court rulings. I can put you in touch with the right people. Forcing masks on buses also violates the court ruling. Since buses are funded by the State and not included in federal regulations, it is not the truth the Feds require masks.


Pray for the people of Ukraine. Pray for the people here too. If life hasn’t already become unaffordable, it will soon.

One thought on “Seven things you need to know

  1. That was extremely interesting, reading the list of PPP loans. If you click on the name, it opens to a page with a lot more information on the “business” or individual. I was also very happy to NOT see the names of local business or people who did not apply for a “loan.” And why they ever decided to call it a loan is ridiculous. So many of the loans have been “forgiven.” Services we use that were not on the list: Optometrists, Plumber, Lawn Service, Electrician, Nail Salon, and others.

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