More from the Normal FOIA documents:

By: Diane Benjamin

The below is all from an email Pam Reece sent to the Council on January 21, 2022.

A vote to rescind the National Fitness Champaign vote never happened even though numerous emails clamed it would, maybe Koos and Reece think it will just go away if they don’t bring it back to Council:

This is on a totally different topic – 1 Uptown Circle. Any negotiations happening currently are exempt from FOIA, so I find it interesting this wasn’t redacted. The Town may have someone to sublet part of the 2nd floor. That space was always more than the Town needed. Maybe the first floor finally has a tenant but obviously that project isn’t moving forward quickly. Maybe the empty store front is just really annoying and it needs to look better.

Only time will tell if part of the 2nd floor will be subleased and the 1st floor will finally be filled. Did staff forget to redact this or is “sharing that information publicly” no longer a problem?

One more! Chris Koos tells the Council that bills aren’t up for discussion at Council meetings because they were approved in the budget.

This note is on PDF page 17 of the proposed budget:

This note is also in Pam’s email:

The Council you elected spends one day talking about a budget that will spend $193 million and Koos will not allow further discussion the rest of the year.

You thought the Council represented you?

Current year budget:

PDF page 19:

So, spending is going to increase $55 million but the Council gets one day to discuss it. Evidently the $23.9 million underpass won’t need a vote, it’s in the budget.







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