Tari Renner Fact Check

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yes Facts do matter.

Tari Renner campaigns using his own:
factsmatterWhat’s the truth?

Comparisons between Normal and Bloomington are not available, but the other cities are.

City property tax rates are meaningless to compare because a City with higher Assessed Values doesn’t need a tax rate as high as cities with lower values!

A $150,000 house in Bloomington could sell for $120,000 or less in Decatur.  Decatur needs a higher tax rate to collect the same amount of tax as Bloomington.

A better comparison is the Cost of Living.  Champaign and Bloomington are close to equal – Bloomington is MORE expensive than the others!

Yes Tari, #FactsMatter.

The media won’t demand he use them, that means you must.






6 thoughts on “Tari Renner Fact Check

  1. Housing prices will change here once State Farm is forced to downsize. You will be able to get some real deals. Of course all of the people with those fancy 300K and above houses will have a hard time selling them.


  2. FACT: Political Science professors are HORRIBLE mathematicians! But are good at “bending” the numbers to suit THEIR hypothesis.


  3. I don’t care one bit about cost of living in other cities. I live in Bloomington. That’s what matters, Tari. And even if I did care, that doesn’t justify you taking more of MY money for YOUR pet projects.


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