Connect Transit News

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Connect Transit Board met yesterday.  They skipped meeting in December, so this meeting covered November and December’s activity.

See the Board Packet here:,%202017%20Regular%20Board%20Meeting%20Binder2.pdf

The Board did a couple of things right:

Page 20:



Page 27:

page27This travel expense law was passed to control spending in non-Home Rule units of government.  Connect Transit employees won’t be able to feast at the Crab House in San Fransisco anymore unless they pay part of the cost themselves.  They are now limited to $20 each for breakfast and lunch plus $35 for supper.

Bloomington and Normal can still allow their employees to feast at your expense because they are Home Rule.


The downward trend in ridership continued, as well as the losses.


See November spending beginning on PDF page 3.  December’s spending starts of page 10

Why does Connect have Dish Network?

Audits and legal are costing a lot.

Total advertising for November: $6,090.00

Two Internet providers are being paid:  CIRBN and Comcast – more than $750 a month!

Why isn’t Andrew on the bus?

November loss and subsidies – see page 7:
page7December loss and subsidies – see page 14:

declossNovember rides – page 16:

novridesDecember rides – page 18:





8 thoughts on “Connect Transit News

      1. They would lose the State and Federal subsidies if taxi passes were given. There would be no award to brag about. Multi-modal transportation would disappear and there would be little need for complete streets. Oh no!!


      2. Buy ’em a three wheel bike (from Wilsons cycles or Cosco, but not that ripoff joint in abNormal) equipped with a headlight, tail light, basket, brakes, front shield, and chains for winter riding. There, fixed it. All the fatties slim down and get in shape. Also they get some vitamin D from the sun to support their immune systems. Marvelous.

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  1. WOW! HOW do they do that? seems they have BETTER on time performance when there are fewer riders, now WHY can’t they hire a consultant to put a mojo “spin” on this and make ALL the numbers look good??
    I guess when you have fewer riders to pick up you can ZIP along quicker! Let’s DUMP this HUGE WHITE ELEPHANT and get some private concern doing this or SOMETHING!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. More money for CT is the spending on “infrastructure” Renner keeps talking about. Just like some of the 1% tax increase gave CT additional city tax dollars, some of the money from the bonds for Streets 2.0 will be given to CT as well.


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