For: GreenTop Owners and Customers

By:  Diane Benjamin

This comment is from one of GreenTop’s Facebook pages:

I will explain why the comment was made in a minute. GreenTop might be a place to avoid If you believe:

  • you have a right to defend yourself
  • your right to protect yourself shall not be infringed – Second Amendment to the Constitution
  • you deserve a sovereign country with secure borders

Decide for yourself whether to shop or invest with them.

Here’s the story as Board chair Michael Gorman (former Bike Blono guy) relayed it on Facebook, I believe in a private group for owners:  (pics of the conversation below)

GreenTop has two programs to donate money to charity.  The first one is “Round Up”, meaning you can round your bill up to the nearest dollar and that change gets donated to some charity once a month.  It appears customers had the same three choices as the 2nd program, but the results of the in-store campaign are unknown.

The second program is called “Positive Change”.  It accumulates $.05 for every person who doesn’t need a disposable bag when they check out.  This money is donated quarterly based on the votes of members who are provided with a list of three to choose from.  Last Tuesday night  the Board heard the results of the latest voting.

This web page claims people get tokens they can use to vote in the store:

That conflicts with their public Facebook page, this makes it sounds like people who “rounded up” didn’t know who the money was going to since both programs are listed and nominations were being taken the day before they voted:





As reported by Michael Gorman, they have 1900 owners.  Only 150 bothered to cast ballots, 74 votes went to:

Planned Parenthood of Illinois

(Funding the killers of your future customers is brilliant!)

I don’t know how much money they paid, but PP of Illinois probably didn’t care much.  In 2016 they had Revenue of $33,147,935.

Since Illinois taxpayers now pay for FREE abortions, Planned Parenthood will be rolling in money.  (More on that in the next story)

How does Planned Parenthood “align with GTG’s ends”?  Refer back to the first picture.  How is Planned Parenthood “Positive Change”?

The other two organizations nominated were Path Crisis and YMCA Labyrinth.  According to Gorman:


  • GreenTop was begging for money just recently
  • The have formerly supported local non-profits that aren’t controversial
  • People who wanted to be “green” by bringing their own bags were not told they were creating donations to an organization they may or may not agree with
  • Were all the owners notified to vote or was the only announcement on Facebook?
  • Why did only 150 vote?
  • It wasn’t a good idea to attack the Pro-Life GTG owners with this donation since they consider Planned Parenthood murderers.  Remember when PP was caught selling baby body parts?
  • Did GTG actually think their “private” owners Facebook page is really private, especially when moral values are violated?

We already knew GreenTop grocery was a leftist organization that wouldn’t have been built without taxpayers subsidies thanks to Tari Renner.  This donation to PP moved them into the realm of radicals.  Not only do they think killing babies is fine they would obviously approve of gun confiscation since they also oppose the NRA.

Shop at GreenTop at your own risk.  It’s probably a gun-free zone meaning criminals know they won’t be shot if they rob it.  Check the door and see if there is a No Guns Allowed sticker on it.

The pics below show what Michael Gorman wrote to owners, I don’t have the very end of his comments.  Below that are responses from a few owners, including the first picture:  (click on them to enlarge)

The first pic above follows this comment.

15 thoughts on “For: GreenTop Owners and Customers

  1. Micheal Gorman must be a legend in his own mind. From what I hear, he doesn’t even many fans within his own liberal circles in the Town and City. He think’s he knows everything. Poor guy, he goes around all day not knowing how insufferable he is.

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    1. Michael Gorman is from the Chicago suburbs. IMO, he is self-absorbed, condescending, arrogant, politically radical, backstabbing, and loves to know everyone’s business. He is a ladder climber of the highest order and loves to be recognized. Local political causes are his way of staying in the limelight where under normal circumstances, no one would care who he was or what he thinks. He is one of those people that likes being a big fish in a small pond. He has other secrets as well


  2. The NRA or PP, that is the question. Whether it is nobler to abhor the possession of a firearm for self defence that may serve as a deterrent to an attacker that may suffer injury or death or straight up simply endorse and promote the practice of killing unborn babies. The lunatic left define the freaks of nature.

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  3. Well, we had a LOT of discussions back at the turn of the century about “race suicide”! So why NOT let these idiots donate to PP? It’s their money. But make a stipulation, if an abortion is performed it HAS TO BE on an owner/member of GTG, and ANOTHER family member gets a FREE sterilization at NO EXTRA cost!
    Myself, I don’t have to worry, as I’d go on “Alaskan Mountainmen” or some other TV show for survival food before I’d shop here.
    Almost feel sorry for these folks, as they don’t get enough hatred out on TRUMP, they also have to hate THEMSELVES!! That’s gotta be stressful!! Can’t fix stupid!!

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  4. The 150 votes out of 1,900 owners reflects, based I’m what I’m told, that a strong majority of owners don’t even shop at Green Top. As well, an additional material percentage of owners shop infrequently and/or for a selects handful of items (e.g. eggs, bread). If you’re never there then you can’t vote, and if you’re not there often or for an appreciable period of time your less likely to be tuned into or interested in such a promotion. Green Top is essentially being propped up by a handful of well-heeled liberals that defray enough of the recurring losses to keep the lights on (at least for now).

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  5. I was considering shopping there & supporting our local farmers this summer. But I just joined the NRA & got my member card & cap. Thanks for letting us know. I’m not going there. They need to round up to support their own store.


    1. VERY strongly suspect a Gorman/Antifa connection. Can’t prove anything…..yet…..but it is a “little project” for mine. The Renner/Antifa connection is beyond question.


  6. Why is of any interest what this small business does? I’m hoping they succeed! And comparing PP with the NRA is a false equivalency. Women’s health VS guns? Anyone have a shortage of guns? Anyone can’t buy or own practically any type of gun manufactured? I thought not. BTW…anyone here concerned about how the Russians have infiltrated the NRA? I thought not.


      1. Yes, women’s health. Do you even realize that the PP in Blono doesn’t perform abortions? And that overall abortions are just a tiny percentage of the services that PP offers? I used their services all thru my twenties when I couldn’t afford the insurance that would cover women’s health. And guess what.. Never had an abortion! Can you believe it?! Probably not because you don’t want to take your blinders off.


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