NEA Community Organizing

By:  Diane Benjamin

This was sent to me by a non-leftist member of the National Education Association.

We all feel for the federal employees who aren’t getting paid, but the NEA got their talking points wrong.

The Democrats refuse to negotiate!

It’s really hard to open government while negotiations continue when there are no negotiations.  Pelosi wants Trump to cave so no negotiations are necessary.  We’ve seen this story repeated for years.  The only difference is a Republican who doesn’t have weak knees.

Yes, call Congress.  Tell the Democrats you have had enough of their obstruction!

21 thoughts on “NEA Community Organizing

  1. Yeah, but I’d like to make a couple minor adjustments to the NEA letter.
    We need to make sure that congress knows how illegal immigration is hurting real citizens.
    Email congress right now and tell them to represent We The People or tender their resignations.

  2. Proof the NEA is a load of crap. They have no concern for educating American kids. They only wish to train them into their thinking and control the situation. No wonder I have problems with stores like Barnes and Noble giving teacher discounts (A little off topic I know). Yes, give a discount to teachers with benefits, retirement and 50K salaries while ignoring normal workers working TRUE full year around jobs nothing. The NEA and IEA for that matter have unionism to a “T”. Pay us more, accept no responsibility and indoctrinate the children to our values. Disclosure….I come from a family of teachers and see the farce for what it is. They are scared spit less of home schooling and computers; because like the horse and buggy something can replace them and do a much better job while not giving up freedom to think for one’s self.

  3. 50K? The average public school teacher salary in Illinois is about $75,000 a year. The average public school teacher PENSION in Illinois is now over $60,000 a year (on an average of 22 years service!). FACT.

  4. I don’t have much sympathy yet for the federal employees affected by the shut down. Their mortgage lenders will work with them, credit card companies will work with them, some banks are offering zero percent interest loans. Unlike those in the private sector they will get paid when this ends. If Nancy drags this out past three months then I will have more sympathy. Nancy hates Trump too much to compromise so it could last a while and get ugly.

    1. Well, Nancy certainly handed Trump his head. No State of the Union speech in the House of Representatives until the shutdown is over. Trump painted himself into a corner with no way out. For someone who has touted his ability to negotiate, he is the world’s worst negotiator. Who states in front of rolling cameras that he will take responsibility for the shutdown? Well, Trump owns this shutdown, his approval rating are tanking to a low of 34 percent. People are blaming the president and the president only.

      How nice of you to have no sympathy for federal employees who aren’t getting payed. I’m sure if you weren’t getting paid and was forced to work you’d quickly “get” sympathy. The shutdown has cost the US economy 3.6 billion to date.

      1. You also didn’t mention that Republicans in both the House and the Senate have attempted to pass bills to pay those working and not getting paid. DEMOCRATS voted no on both. So who cares about the people not getting paid? It’s obvious.

      2. Hey Hal, no Trump is not the world’s worst negotiator. He’s a billionaire and you’re trolling for Tari. Lol. Besides, who watches the State of the Union anyway? It’s just more political theatre for both sides to rail on the he said, she said routine.

    2. And what SHOULD be noticed is that even with the higher pay and benefits most government employees receive these days compared to average Americans, even they freak out skipping one paycheck. On another note, working in that cesspool of government bureaucracy and ass kissing, I would have welcomed the time off especially hearing that I’m still going to get paid.

      1. I forgot to mention the counting of shutdown days includes days government is closed anyway for the majority of employees: Christmas, New Year, MLK Day, and weekends. It’s just a media game with government employees as pawns. The Democrats won’t even meet to negotiate.

      2. Well I’m glad you think that air traffic controllers and the Secret Service should receive little to no pay. As to the TSA, those employees receive around 15 dollars a hour. Hardly “high” pay. So if you’re only receiving 15 dollars an hour and you’re forced to work, how do you pay for gas, food? Not every landlord has the resources to grant people any lead way on rent. You live in a fantasy world if you think so.

  5. Democrats haven’t “forgotten” about border security. The last time they met with the president he walked out of the meeting. You and the president have apparently forgotten that Democrats control the House and we now have a divided government. Trump and Republicans can’t just govern by fiat. Trump’s poor negotiating skills have contributed to the stalemate. If you walk out of a meeting in a huff, don’t whine about how people won’t meet with you.

    A 5 billion dollar wall is a stupid way to secure the border. For one it will cost will be substantially more than the 5 billion dollars to actually build the wall it will be more like 25 to 30 billion and years to attain land that is in private (mostly Republican voting) hands. Two, all the drugs that Trump is talking about coming to this country over the southern border comes through established ports of entry. In the trial of El Chapo, it was revealed he had shell oil companies set up and brought in drugs through ports of entry hidden in oil container right under the nose of Border officials. So the current wall is not stopping any drugs. Not to mention the drugs that come through Canada, via airplanes and through the mail from China. So the wall is a medieval solution to a complex modern problem. Considering the numerous tunnels under the current wall, new technology is needed.

    House Democrats are prepared to support increased spending on border security, but not a wall, if President Donald Trump agrees to reopen the government first, lawmakers and aides said Wednesday.

    The proposal, which Democrats are drafting into a formal letter to Trump, will include border security improvements such as retrofitting ports of entry, new sensors and drones, more immigration judges and border patrol agents, and additional technology, among other measures.

  6. Maybe it is time for Hal to remove his front door since physical barriers don’t work. The ONLY reason democrats won’t fund the Wall is it was a campaign promise. I didn’t say I had no sympathy I said I didn’t have much at this point. When this ends the government employees get paid. It’s a temporary hardship at best. For those that have the recommended 3-6 months expenses in savings it is not a hardship at this point.

  7. Let’s see, for your normal daily post you only receive 2 to 4 comments mostly from repeat commenters expressing the exact same point over and over. I seemed to added more comments to grand total of19, but hey, why have someone like me who articulates a dissenting viewpoint when you can have perfect group think of 4 to 5 people tops? Kinda like talking to yourself, which I think you do every single day on this blog.

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