Will Normal insult you tonight?

By:  Diane Benjamin WGLT wrote a story on March 6, 2020 stating:    wglt.org/wages-flat-mclean-county-lagging-rest-us-economy __________________________ Tonight’s Normal Town Council agenda: https://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3580 PDF page 71: Normal gives Cost of Living increases twice a year! Normal’s own propaganda arm – WGLT – stated wages are flat for most residents.  I saw a station selling gas for $1.88 […]

Normal’s latest debacle

By:  Diane Benjamin For this story I have some facts and some information from inside Normal.  The Town refuses to give me emails – they claim there are over 10,000.  Even when I gave them specific words like “problems” they couldn’t narrow my request.  The bills incurred tell much of the story – those I […]