Gift Cards, Green Top, and SLBB

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and payroll for Bloomington Monday night: I wonder who taxpayers will be handing gift cards to: Green Top’s taxpayer 3 month subsidy: Celebrate!  Four more employees spiked their already high unaffordable pensions so they get an even more unaffordable retirement at your expense:       Agenda: Likely without discussion […]

Coliseum trials not close

By:  Diane Benjamin The reason the courts move so slow is lawyers.  The attorney for Kelly Klein filed a motion to dismiss yesterday, but he didn’t sound optimistic when he filed it.  The State’s Attorney has 14 days to respond, then another 14 days for rebuttal by the defense, and 7 more for another reply […]

Library hiding info?

By:  Diane Benjamin The chart below is included in the Board Packet for the November meeting of the Bloomington Public Library Board.  PDF page 14: Circulation has been declining since 2013.  “Active Users” isn’t defined, but the increase isn’t because they are checking out materials. This story recaps the facts available for October 2017, […]

UPDATE: Another business gone

East Street Hardware in downtown Bloomington will also be closing.   By:  Diane Benjamin The latest business to announce they are closing is the Mole Hole.  I am waiting for confirmation on another downtown business rumored to also be closing. I only printed part of the announcement, the rest is for people who received this […]

ISU: Promoting bigots

By:  Diane Benjamin For last years MLK dinner, Illinois State University hired Marc Lemont Hill as the Keynote speaker.  Hill was just fired from CNN for extreme antisemitic remarks. Previously ISU had Van Jones speak at an MLK dinner.  He resigned from the Obama administration after his ties to Marxist and communist groups became […]

Green Top – Tax deductible donations!

By:  Diane Benjamin Green Top sent an email out last week with another request for money.  This time they want tax-deductible donations. The email starts with this notice implying donations will go toward reaching their $400,000 goal: The email then goes on to explain why donations are tax-deductible: Obviously the goal of donations is to […]

Update: Chicago comes to McLean County

See another pic: By:  Diane Benjamin The newly elected County Board members were sworn in this morning: Shayna Watchinski proved today who she serves – it isn’t McLean County! This pic shows all the other recently elected members being sworn in, note Shayna isn’t with them: Shayna chose to be sworn into office by […]

Ellsworth-Leroy tornado pics

By:  Diane Benjamin I wasn’t driving for the clowns who would like to accuse me of it! This house is south of Dawson Lake, it appears totally destroyed, the debris is in the trees across the street.  Slightly farther north were two outbuildings with substantial damage but they were too far from the road to […]