More: Chicago comes to McLean County

By:  Diane Benjamin

More on this story:

Did you ever think you’d see a Chicago Democrat swearing-in a member of the McLean County Board?  Does Shayna Watchinski have McLean County values or Chicago’s?



9 thoughts on “More: Chicago comes to McLean County

  1. Her body language is that of a two bit , well, you can figure it out. She dresses the part too. I just HOPE she don’t behave as one, or we’ll be sold out to the highest bidder.


  2. Republicans WAKE UP. Anyone who disagrees with the beliefs of the local Democratic Party, WAKE UP.
    The Political Science Departments at ISU and IWU should be under scrutiny.
    2020 is already here.


    1. The Pantagraph article said Biss became a notary (City Clerk administers the oath in BLM) just for this purpose because of Pinky’s request. Pinky was the local campaign organizer for Biss during the primary.
      It’s questionable Pinky will honor her oath since she has lied about so many other things. What is her word really worth?


  3. Shayna and Jen, along with Tari, give us a wonderful opportunity, if we only take it. Alinsky rules: “Freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”, make them the “face” of the McLean County Democrat party–which they most certainly are.

    For example, Karen Schmidt is EVERY BIT as hardcore Leftist as those 3, but hides it from the voters with a low-key, rather mealy mouth style. She is not an obvious abrasive radical to the average voter, who doesn’t pay close attention. But those 3, they won’t disappoint! They are violent Marxist Crazies, with close Antifa terrorist ties. Let’s make them our poster children!


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