ISU: Promoting bigots

By:  Diane Benjamin

For last years MLK dinner, Illinois State University hired Marc Lemont Hill as the Keynote speaker.  Hill was just fired from CNN for extreme antisemitic remarks.

Previously ISU had Van Jones speak at an MLK dinner.  He resigned from the Obama administration after his ties to Marxist and communist groups became public.

This year ISU is following the same path with Michael Eric Dyson.

Source of quotes below:

Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson says support for President Trump by black Americans like Kanye West is a form of “white supremacy by ventriloquism.”

Mr. Dyson, who once likened police officers to the terror group ISIS and claimed that bat-wielding Antifa members are attempting to “preserve the fabric of America,” added that Mr. West’s position is a “real tragedy,” given his artistic talent.

Dyson doesn’t promote any of the values of Martin Luther King.  Google him.

Maybe next year ISU can invite Louis Farrakhan.  I’m sure he would sell out too.

It is embarrassing for ISU to invite speakers who don’t share the values of Martin Luther King to a dinner supposedly honoring him.  MLK won a Nobel Peace Prize for his goals of a color blind society:

None of these speakers espouse MLK’s values.

If this dinner was really to honor Martin Luther King, his niece Alveda King should be the speaker – at least once.  Since she is carrying on her uncle’s legacy.   She won’t be invited because she doesn’t fit the agenda.

Sending your kid to ISU next year?  Why?

I’m embarrassed to be an alum.


5 thoughts on “ISU: Promoting bigots

  1. It’s EXACTLY this kind of fiery rhetoric that PROMOTES the continued animosity that the Democrats/antifa/left wing nut jobs/etc find so exciting, and then they try and blame Trump, Republicans, Whites, Aliens and Percebes!
    WHY don’t ISU get some Intelligent, upstanding, MORAL, interesting speakers, instead of this lot of losers, or are ALL the Nobel prize winners booked for this time slot.
    This is just truly disgusting.. HATE begets HATE!


  2. Don’t worry about the PR, Diane, I’m sure the propaganda ministry at ISU and GLT will cover for Mr. Dyson. While in BloNo, maybe he’ll campaign with the self-described “angry brown woman”. A pair of race cards on the table.

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  3. This is classic. Just classic. I’m sure the racist white folk on the 4th floor of Hovey have a table bought and paid for. That way they can pretend to not be racist….It’s their Destiny!


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