Daring Diversity – how much it cost

By:  Diane Benjamin The Town of Normal decided to let Chemberly Cummings throw her own event.  According to media reports, 175 overall attended and only 75 attended the keynote speaker’s address. I know from emails I received by FOIA some City of Bloomington employees attended. This story has information about the sessions:  https://blnnews.com/2019/09/20/this-explains-the-divide-in-america/ Keynote speaker […]

See what Normal is up to NOW!

By:  Diane Benjamin http://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3430 Payments you aren’t supposed to question: Why was Koos spending a lot of money in DC? Neither of the claims paid below are to the person in this story: https://blnnews.com/2019/10/02/normal-has-your-vehicle-been-damaged-by-the-roads/ Like “free” entertainment? Yes, the artist is a very talented relative and good friend of Chris Koos.  I’ve seen her maybe […]