Normal: Has your vehicle been damaged by the roads?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Don’t expect a fast reimbursement!  I redacted the name, it isn’t important to the story.

Emails received by FOIA:


A month later:


Any other responses were not included in the time period covering the FOIA.

6 thoughts on “Normal: Has your vehicle been damaged by the roads?

  1. I’m surprised Pam didn’t tell Dale that he should ride Connect Transit to avoid damage to his car. Maybe the City will give out monthly cards as a form of reimbursement in an effort to (further) pad the stats.


  2. The Queen is too busy attending Royal Balls and going to the Coliseum for entertainment to be bothered with a peasant’s email.


  3. It is Dales fault for the damage. What was he thinking? He should have never been driving outside of the Uptown meca. Everyone knows you drive at your own risk on the $’!# roads outside of Uptown.

    Wait till the first snow and all the potholes will return.


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