See what Normal is up to NOW!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Payments you aren’t supposed to question:

Why was Koos spending a lot of money in DC?


Neither of the claims paid below are to the person in this story:

Like “free” entertainment?

Yes, the artist is a very talented relative and good friend of Chris Koos.  I’ve seen her maybe twice in the last decade, she returned from New York a few years ago.  I think the Mayor should show us what he bought for $4000.

Is the Town looking at buying 2 properties, or did they pay the appraisal same bill twice?

Where is a report on the IWU Small Business Center?  No success stories to unveil?



TIF reports still haven’t been posted on the Comptroller’s website.

Normal is going to do a documentary on Uptown though.  Will it mention all the property giveaways?  All the properties no longer on the property tax rolls?  The massive debt?

Email obtained by FOIA:


Did the Town say the taxpayers gave the flowers, or did they pretend they paid?


Connect Transit is on the agenda for discussion!

What questions do you have?

13 thoughts on “See what Normal is up to NOW!

  1. Eye to Eye Productions is in Bloomington at
    1529 Beckenham Drive, 61704. We should encourage Kurt to tell the truth about the $100,000,000.00 debt in Normal, and the dismal return on investment. Do you suppose he’d be interested in the truth?

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    1. NO, only interest is getting a check at any cost. I believe a whore does anything for money. He will say or promote anything to appease Normal in order to get the money….truth be damned.


    2. Kurt will soon be working directly with the new Minister of Propaganda. This is of course a propaganda piece and will not show the reality of Upscale Normal. Good luck Curt… you are working for some real con men/women.

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  2. A PR person and an expensive documentary…Is no end to the spending? Regardless of if you think Uptown is a success or failure, they can’t stop spending. They are just going to upset people more by trying to brag about it while the rest of us drive on horrible roads and watch empty million dollar buses drive around.
    These people cannot get past their their egos. They will spend millions of our money so they can feel good about themselves.
    I am sure this documentary will be played before every town meeting. Koos and Pam will no doubt have it on endless loop while they sleep.

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    1. But you will get to hear Fuhrer Koos and Reich Minister Reece talk about the “success” of their Upscale Normal Abomination. I know it is like pouring salt into a huge wound. The e-mails that Diane has been publishing show what we all suspected but didn’t have actual proof of until now. I think the taxpayers of Normal should show up in mass at the next meeting and demand that the mayor and P. Reece resign. This has really gotten out-of-hand and it is obvious that they are COMPLETELY out-of-control.

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  3. To answer your question about Koos and his trip to D.C…. he was once again over begging for Underpass money. He desperately wants another big project to add to his legacy and he’ll spend however much he sees fit to get it. He tries to meet with congressmen and senators whenever he can to push for it.

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