Daring Diversity – how much it cost

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal decided to let Chemberly Cummings throw her own event.  According to media reports, 175 overall attended and only 75 attended the keynote speaker’s address.

I know from emails I received by FOIA some City of Bloomington employees attended.

This story has information about the sessions:  https://blnnews.com/2019/09/20/this-explains-the-divide-in-america/

Keynote speaker sounds more divisive than inclusive:


Heartland Community College charged $905.00   Heartland

Walmart $53.64  Walmart

Jason’s Deli  $1,446.40  Deli Food

More Jason’s Deli  $1,160.52  Deli #2

KeyNote Speaker cost $9,000.00   Keynote

Another check for $2000 for travel was issued at the last Council meeting.

Grand Total:  $14,565.56!

Chemberly wants to do this again next year!

Obviously diversity means divide, especially dividing you from your money.

Another $4,000.00 went to Art Work Chris Koos wanted  Koos Art

Add that to the $150,000 spent on art in May of 2012:  http://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/837

artorigart vote

Meanwhile, all this tossing away money means the roads don’t get fixed:




11 thoughts on “Daring Diversity – how much it cost

  1. Can you post a picture of the latest artwork purchased? I would like to see what Koo’s and Pam thinks is so much more important than spending our money on roads.

    $150K in art…for a single government facility? This screams elitists. It reminds me of the pictures of Saddam Hussein palaces.

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      1. The art is hanging on the third floor of uptown station, right across from the Towns HR department. Can’t miss it when getting out of the elevators or the stairs. It’s absolutely hideous. It’s a girl who’s eyes look like they’re bulging out of her head. Looks possessed. Can’t believe they blew $4000. The reason they replaced it is because they used to have a piece of art hanging that was done by one of people suing over the mural. So of course they had to get rid of that. Should have just left the wall blank.

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  2. Diversity has no cost. It exists naturally. We can’t change people’s biases by calling them racist. Racism is real , diversity is a buzz word. Normal funding this is really just paying for a Cummings Campaign Event. The timing of the event shows that.

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  3. When, not if Marc wins, I hope he holds a yard sale of this artwork and other needless crap purchased by the elites in Town government and returns the money to the taxpayers for needs not wants.

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  4. WMBD and WYZZ are covering the protesting of “inequality” on the campus of ISU with video and interviews. The Pantagraph seems to be under-reporting the story. Hmm. Wonder why. Any word on how the shakedown of Dietz, er…I mean, the meeting went today?


  5. “Racial EQUITY.” The new buzz word, phrase. The timing of the black students complaining to Dietz is no coincidence. This is all planned out. There is no problem, but they talk about it as though there is a problem. So Dietz will listen and kowtow to whatever they say. Truly disgusting.


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