More on the new EPA rules

by:  Diane Benjamin Today I received the August edition of Country Living Magazine  from Corn Belt Energy.   If yesterday’s post was disturbing ( today they are asking (crying out) for help from you.  Here is a link to today’s article: The proposed EPA rules will not only INCREASE the price of electricity, it […]

Tari: What’s the reason?

by:  Diane Benjamin You campaigned in a suit with a bow tie, but you come to Council meetings in a golf shirt?  You claim running Bloomington is like running a corporation, but you and SOME Council members don’t have respect for the office by at least by dressing the part?  It’s difficult to take you […]

Another reason to celebrate Fazzini quitting

by:  Diane Benjamin Aldermen Rob Fazzini really doesn’t like citizens.  He especially doesn’t like them making comments at Council meetings.  He also doesn’t bother to read the law (that he took training in) before commenting to the Council. Before every Council meeting aldermen can submit questions to the staff concerning items on the agenda. The […]

Government plans to shut you off!

by:  Diane Benjamin Corn Belt Electric sends a magazine to members of the electric cooperative every month.  The July Issue has 2 good articles about the EPA shutting down coal-fired power plants. If you weren’t paying attention, Obama promised he would do just that before he ran the first time.  Kiss cheap energy goodbye. Here’s […]

Don’t forget who raised your taxes!

by:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner BELIEVES he can raise your taxes anytime he wants.  He just doesn’t want you to remember he did.  Sorry Tari, just because the Pantagraph and WJBC won’t remember or report, I will. The votes on the 3 new taxes for the City of Bloomington are shown below. The Aldermen who […]