What second grader wrote the Pantagraph Editorial?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Nice try.  Obviously the Pantagraph editorial writer is lazy, uniformed or both.  Quoting parts of the Declaration of Independence without any context of the historical facts surrounding this day in 1776 betrays the true events.

If you didn’t see their homage to the 4th of July, don’t bother.  It was just the same dribble repeated by most media every year.

While telling us this is a day of celebration, this is what they failed to notice:

Freedom of Speech is decreasing.   Try stating publicly that you don’t agree with same-sex marriage.  Try stating that you support the TEA Party.  Trying telling people their government is LYING to them about Global Warming, Global Cooling, or whatever they are calling it now.  The Hobby Lobby case had to go to the Supreme Court to allow a Christian company to say they don’t want to pay for drugs that cause abortion.  Even then, the decision was 5-4.  FOUR members of the court didn’t think they had the right!

We have freedom to move about the country?  Really Pantagraph?  Only if you can afford gas at twice the price it was a few short years ago.  How many people don’t take weekend trips anymore?  How many people skip vacations because travel is now too expensive?  How many times has our government made sure that price stays high because they want “green energy” to be price competitive?  Are we still free?  Tyranny isn’t always direct edicts, just make whatever you want to stop un-affordable.  Electricity is next, where’s the editorial on government destroying the middle class?

One more Pantagraph:  Do the citizens still have the right to voice their opinions in Letters to the Editor?  There have been virtually none lately.  Last night Mayor Renner was boo-ed at Miller Park.  It wasn’t loud, but people there say it was very apparent.  Do you really think your readers don’t know you are censoring letters?  Did you criticize flamingos while Renner got his 3 tax increases?  How about an editorial on citizens forced to fund other peoples retirements because another government made promises that were stupid and unrealistic?  You don’t have a problem with THEFT BY GOVERNMENT?

The purpose of government is to secure our liberty and rights.  What government local, state, or federal understands that?  When has the editorial staff written about the tyranny in Bloomington or Normal?  Securing our rights means not only the right to our money, but the right to open businesses without weeks of paperwork.  It means the right to walk Constitution trail without fear of being attacked.  It means the right to do with our property what we want, not what the government approves.  It means the right to Open and Transparent government – by the People and For the People.  It doesn’t mean whoever is elected gets to create their utopia with taxpayer money.  The Pantagraph only calls them out AFTER they leave office.  Media was a thorn to our Founders, but they knew it was a necessary thorn.  They would be appalled by the media now.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence knew they were risking their lives.  The were the terrorists of their day, not in search of Sharia law, but freedom.  Some of them were killed by the British, others lost their homes and families as they fleed for their lives.  They risked everything for liberty.  America is the only country ever founded on the belief that “Man” can rule himself, yes we were exceptional.

We are losing what the brave patriots of 1776 fought for.  People are too busy.  They are bored by politics.  Media is non-existent, therefore the tyranny flourishes.

I walked in the Towanda parade this morning.  I don’t just throw candy to the kids.  In past years I’ve asked them to name a Founding Father.  About 50% of the time the answer was Abraham Lincoln.  I assume you know that is incorrect.  This year I asked them what we were celebrating today.  Most said the 4th of July.  Many were perplexed when I asked them what that meant.  I love to teach history, but it was sad how much teaching was required.  A few of the kids could answer every question.  Next year I’m going to keep track of what school they attend.

Fundamental transformation is so much easier when the history of what made us great is buried.  It’s working in our kids.  Today the Pantagraph failed to convey the tenacity, audacity, and courage of our Founders.  They should be embarrassed they no longer stand between a government hell-bent on taking away our rights and the masses yearning to be free.

Want more?  This article was written by a Citizen Watchdog.  Perfect for today:







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