I got my flamingo – now the WAR

by:  Diane Benjamin

As I previously reported, Aldermen Sage and Schmidt decided staff are leaving the City of Bloomington because of the Council.  See this post:  http://blnnews.com/2014/07/08/bloomington-who-is-hiding-what/

Sage and Schmidt no longer represent the citizens of their Wards.  The same goes for the other potted plants who would jump off a cliff if David Hales led the way.  They refuse to admit they hired and supported the worst City Manager ever.  Hales has failed to supervise the Coliseum.  The lack of transparency prevents us from knowing what else he has failed to supervise – the only visible sign is STAFF LEAVING.  The staff that reports to Hales are the ones leaving.  The staff doesn’t report to the Council!

This attack by Sage, Schmidt, and probably Renner to protect David Hales must be stopped.  They are going to blame Alderwoman Stearns and Alderman Lower because they are the ones exposing Hales lack of leadership and oversight.

If Schmidt and Sage represented their Wards you wouldn’t have 3 new taxes!  You wouldn’t have a new Communications Director, probably a Dog Park, and Flamingos at the zoo.  We still don’t know what else is hidden in the budget.  Hales proposed budget cuts that would have seriously hurt because he and Renner didn’t want cuts.  Renner verbally assaulted Stearns for even trying to discuss cuts – he was close to yelling at her in an attempt to shut her up.  Has Renner ever apologized even though Stearns was proven to have been telling the truth?

In case you forgot the attack Renner was READING:

Stearns actually represents the people who voted for her.  She doesn’t work for Hales or Renner.  Same with Lower.  The other potted plants have forgotten who they work for.  Power has absolutely corrupted them.  What kind of representative do you want?  Big spenders, or ones that keep the budgets and your taxes in check?

To commemorate the up-coming gas tax increase, Cities 92.9 FM has launched a flamingo campaign.  Today I got the last 2 – but they have ordered more!  Show Renner and the potted plants that you aren’t going to sit back and tolerate their abuse!



5 thoughts on “I got my flamingo – now the WAR

  1. Picked up two flamingos this morning… Both are now proudly displayed in front yards. Told the 92.9 secretary I had presented a similar flamingo to the council on one of the nights they were discussing the budget.

      1. We’ve already had a few taken from the station yard on the Veterans side. Hopefully the takers are like minded and intended to proudly display them in their yard!

  2. Love your picture! Thank you for the support of the statement that Cities 92.9 is trying to make.

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