Quinn’s anti-violence program-Madigan connection

Not Mike – LISA

If you missed the story from yesterday – Some groups that received this money (our tax dollars!) taught the Chicago kids to HATE cops:  http://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2014/07/governor-quinns-neighborhood-recovery-initiative-cops-kill-kids/

Stay tuned – there is much more to this story.

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Neighborhood Recovery Initiative

Damon Arnold, M.D., M.P.H, Co-Chair
Lisa Madigan, Attorney General, Co-Chair 

WGN News: “Barbara Shaw ran the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative and will be required to testify about how it spent $55 million dollars in grants… audit found widespread abuse of funds and poor oversight.”


Lisa Madigan was Co-Chair of Illinois Violence Prevention Authority (IVPA)- responsible for the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative. Review Management Letter on page 4


Lisa Madigan had five appointments of the ten member board of IVPA.
Review Illinois State Law


Lisa Madigan’s Chief of Staff Ann Spillane appears to be directing raises/bonuses for the IVPA within three days after the November 2, 2010 general election. Read the email below…

“Hi Ann. I’m just checking in to see if there has been a decision on the raises/bonus question for my managers. I don’t know if I made it clear, but I would prefer to do raises, particularly given that, as a result of Tuesday’s outcome, there is now a likelihood that this big initiative will continue beyond one year.” (Source: BC-15 pf1/15509 | Auditor William Holland)
Barbara Shaw, IVPA Director email to Ann Spillane, Chief of Staff
Attorney General Lisa Madigan & IVPA Co-Chair
Friday, November 5, 2010 at 4:37PM

Lisa Madigan, as Co-Chair, had statutory oversight while the Governor’s office recommended the hiring of undocumented workers with the grant money!  Doesn’t that violate state employment law?  Read the Governors office email chain here.

State Representative Dwight Kay authored the resolution empowering Auditor General Bill Holland to open the books on IVPA’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative. From Holland’s office, Kay collected electronic copies of over 14,000 pages of information.

A bi-partisan House oversight committee has subpoenaed Director Barbara Shaw to testify on July 16 and 17.  Read 326 pages of Barbara Shaw’s emails:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:  https://www.openthebooks.com/assets/1/7/Barbara_Shaw_Emails_part_3.pdf  

But, there could be much more.
  Rep. Kay contracted with Garrett Discovery Inc (a computer forensic consulting firm) to assist in reviewing, categorizing and indexing Holland’s files. There could be 1,000’s of missing emails. Read report to the House committee here.

When all the emails are “found,” what will they reveal about Attorney General and IVPA Co-Chair Lisa Madigan, AG Chief of Staff Ann Spillane, IVPA Director Barbara Shaw and the anti-violence grant program?

Attorney General Lisa Madigan is the top cop in Illinois. Madigan co-chaired one of the most corrupt programs in state history. Barbara Shaw, IVPA Director, is asking Madigan’s Chief of Staff within three days of the election— “… if there has been a decision on the raises/bonus question for my managers.

It’s time to start asking General Madigan and Chief of Staff Ann Spillane some hard questions.  

This story has only just started to unfold…  please stay tuned.


Founder & Chairman, For The Good of Illinois

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