ISU, NORMAL, and college kids

By:  Diane Benjamin Is ISU a Police State for students?  I’ve heard stories of dorm rooms open in Watterson and a cop pops his head in to look for contraband.  Actions like that don’t encourage good relations between  students and the police. I decided to do a Freedom of Information request for the fines assessed […]

Inside the heads of potted plants

By:  Diane Benjamin The following emails were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act – not by me, they were just forwarded to me. Below is City Manager David Hales’ salary for 2014: SALARY    INSURANCE     PENSION        FICA          MISC        TOTAL COMPENSATION 176,439.00  11,449.32 […]

Ask the Bloomington Candidates this:

By:  Diane Benjamin Which is more important 1)  Fixing Roads 2) Downtown Bloomington The current budget proposal spends more on Coliseum upgrades than it does on roads.  Did you notice the budget discussion has been dropped until after the election? Why are roads not the priority?  Do you prefer spending tax dollars on new lighting […]

Bills and Payroll finally posted! UPDATE!

Originally posted on BlnNews :
Update:  The City promptly replied to my FOIA for missing information I amended the information received below in BOLD.  See the receipts here:  201503241124_Redacted  Even if only one person ate, why are taxpayers paying the bill?  Does your boss pay for your lunch? By:  Diane Benjamin ADMIN City Council Expenses…


Update:  See this story: By:  Diane Benjamin My first lawsuit against the City of Bloomington is now over – they finally paid what the judge ordered.  I wonder how Tari felt signing the check?  Is he admitting transparency only matters when he wants things transparent?  Probably not. Maybe Tari can take a lesson from […]

Hiding the agenda

By:  Diane Benjamin Here’s the problem with candidates running for office: They are unwilling to stand on principles and values Almost every candidate tries to hide where they stand on the issues because they know they would not get elected saying what they really think. In 2013 I filmed Aaron Schock at a Town Hall […]

TWO pre-election events:

Meet Lupe Diaz, Candidate For Fifth Ward Alderman @ KEP’S KITCHEN On March 28th 3 pm to 5 pm Confirmed invited guests include: ☆Cities 92.9 FM Morning Host Ian Bayne, and Fist Bump ☆Alderman Kevin Lower ☆Alderwoman Judy Stearns All citizens and media are encouraged to attend. Food, and spirits will be served. Donations are welcome […]