Bloomington’s Agenda tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin The library needs a new sorter, a tractor got inserted with it – evidently No-Bid: Since the current crop running the City of Bloomington believes government creates prosperity, they will be spending your money to plan how: The Coliseum and BCPA were sold as revitalizing downtown.  Both were government plans, there […]

Illinois adds to Medicaid roles, good luck finding a Doc

Op-Ed: Why Do We Have a Medicaid Program? Illinois Review:!+Mail By Alieta Eck, M.D. – A Star Ledger headline reads: “ObamaCare fuels applicant boom for NJ Medicaid—Advocate hails 35% increase in October.” Almost 22,000 new applications were filed in October, up from 16,000 in September. Is this a triumph? Was a 990-page law needed to […]

Pantagraph has trouble reporting again

by:  Diane Benjamin Today reporter Paul Swiech did a front page story on Central Illinoisans trying to sign up for ObamaCare.  He did say most of the people expecting to sign up qualified for Medicaid.  Illinois expects to add 850,000 to the Medicaid roles in Illinois.  Even before adding all these people, Medicaid recipients had […]

Medicaid Pays Below What It Costs To Take Care of Patients

By ANNE SCHIEBER | Aug. 9, 2013 Dr. Donald Condit is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand abnormalities. He would like to accept more patients on Medicaid but says he can’t because the costs are too high and the reimbursements too low. “Medicaid pays us way below what it costs us to take care of [patients],” Condit said. […]

Will they investigate?

This post is a part of the investigation BlnNews, Edgar County Watchdogs, For the Good of Illinois, and other citizens have been jointly investigating concerning Illinois corruption with processing of Medicaid claims. They have been notified! For over 7 months we have been investigating issues related to Health and Family Services and its relationship […]

Family wrestles with state Medicaid bureaucracy

by:  Steve Stout [email protected] 6/1/2013 A Streator family, frustrated by the state’s constantly changing Medicaid rules and regulations, worries about the future well-being of their medically fragile son and other children like him as they fight the bureaucracy for help to keep his costly prescriptions within the family’s reach. Gary and Christine Chalkey’s son, Jacob, […]

Does expanding medicaid mean better health care?

View from Michigan – nothing different than Illinois: Medicaid Recipient: ‘When I ask where I’m supposed to go, I’m told the hospital’ By ANNE SCHIEBER Julie Henry has been on and off Michigan Medicaid for more than 20 years. She knows about the difficulty in finding a doctor who will accept Medicaid and why the system routinely forces her […]

More follow-up to Illinois corruption reporting

see 2 previous posts: “CNSI has not solicited Illinois…” Kathryn Harris Senior Vice President and Legal Counsel Client Network Services, Inc (CNSI) Comment Posted 6/30/13, Edgar County Watchdogs Website   Why did the General Counsel for an Obama Care contractor post blog comments on a Southern Illinois watchdog’s website?Follow the Obama Care money…    […]

Illinois Medicaid expansion? Not so fast!

Much more information to come! YOUR CALL TO ACTION Did the Quinn administration circumvent procurement law on $196 million of Medicaid contracting? Is the administration now engaged in a cover-up? For The Good of Illinois   Medicaid is a quarter of the state government operating budget- the largest program. It serves our most vulnerable citizens: the disadvantaged, […]

If you are disabled, don’t turn 21 in Illinois

by:  Diane Benjamin A Class Action lawsuit against the State of Illinois is making it’s way through the courts.  It involves the severely disabled who, under the Medicaid program, are receiving in-home skilled nursing care.  In 2010 this program served 627 children. According to the State, when these children turn 21, they no longer qualify for in-home […]