Bloomington’s Agenda tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

The library needs a new sorter, a tractor got inserted with it – evidently No-Bid:

library mower

Since the current crop running the City of Bloomington believes government creates prosperity, they will be spending your money to plan how:

consultant downtown.JPG

The Coliseum and BCPA were sold as revitalizing downtown.  Both were government plans, there is nothing free market about either.  This is no different, planners can plan all they want – only the private sector through free market capitalism can achieve prosperity.  In Bloomington that isn’t allowed.

See PDF page 207 – the City picked the most expensive bid.  A grant will be used to cover part of the cost.

Redistribution of Federal Tax dollars:

Obamacare expanded Medicaid spending, Illinois now wants the Feds to use tax dollars to reimburse ambulance services for Medicaid patients.  How many bureaucrats get part of this before it gets to the local fire department?  

redist madicaid

PDF page 291

Cannabis is back – the Council will be asked to do what Normal did, send it to the Planning Commission.  They will hold public hearings.

This was on Facebook.  Citizens need to know they have socialists on the Council making decisions for them.  Even though socialism has never worked anywhere, these people think it just wasn’t done right yet.

try socialism

7 thoughts on “Bloomington’s Agenda tonight

  1. Hogwash!!!! “Due to wear on the tractor, it has become difficult to maneuver” ?? THE MOST useless excuse ever for vehicle replacement! If it runs and nothing is broken (ie: bearing, seal, hydraulic line etc.)it still ” maneuvers ” normally! Also with current pricing, $5500 is a repair bill. A small commercial use piece of equipment runs high side of $25K. TRUTH IN GOVERNMENT, a new idea for the future.

    1. You are correct. This equipment is very expensive. Unless it is ancient (doubtful) and parts are unavailable? They can easily be repaired and put back into use in no time. Commercial equipment is designed to last for thousands of hours of use and for years. I find it hard to believe that plowing the library area would wear out any piece of commercial equipment in 20 years. Someone wants a new toy and the taxpayers are paying for it.

  2. Dear Sonny and Jeff,

    Please go to Cuba or Venezuela. You will feel comfortable in either of these places.


    A former 50 + year democrat who left the party who left me and the working people of America behind to embrace socialism and insanity.

    1. More socialist candidates are running locally (see county board) and will in the future through assistance of Illinois People’s Action (via Chicago money) and the John Penn cabal through the laborers union. The Pantagraph will continue to promote these candidacies via their p.r. staff writers who believe this political philosophy themselves. They will refuse to inform the public of their real backgrounds and intentions just like they refuse to tell the truth about the leftist radical and racist Garcia and his pals Crabill and Carrillo. In reality, this area is holding on by its thumbnails not to become San Francisco or Marin County, California politically. As jobs continue to leave and taxes continue to increase more sane people will decide to leave just not BN but the state. As our generation dies off (Garcia and his young minions can’t wait) all will be left are the twenty and thirty somethings who are too stupid to know what socialism is and does. They will vote for their own demise and that of their families and put Garcia, Crabill and Carrillo in higher positions of power that eventually bring the state and country to its knees.

  3. On the way to Hy-Vee today, I counted eight for sale signs in a four block area including side streets. Maybe Tari and Tim should put that on a future agenda for a discussion item?

  4. Doesn’t Crabil work for a Fortune 50 company? Shouldn’t he be protesting them instead of working there given his values? Also, I noticed he posted the above remark on social media, likely from a phone or other device, all of which were made possible by capitalism. Hmm…

  5. State Farm has always done a poor job of scrutinizing potential employees. Even if they knew what a radical Crabill was, they wouldn’t have cared. SF is so worried about their phoney image and worried about offending someone they would rather sweep it under the rug. IMHO, most of their management have no ethics or morals so employing a self-admitted Communist on their legal staff wouldn’t bother them a bit as long as he could protect them from a lawsuit.

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