Election Integrity – Illinois

There is a group of citizens working with Judicial Watch on Election Integrity in Illinois.  In an attempt to make fraud even easier, there is a bill that will be discussed during the Veto Session.

A friend of mine wrote this Letter to the Editor  describing the problems with the bill.  Your reps in Springfield needs the facts – it needs to be defeated.

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6 thoughts on “Election Integrity – Illinois

  1. Many times, I spoke publicly over the air waves about our need for election reform. Our current system is a despicable circus and is in dire need of reformation.
    FOIA has become a shield for fraud, for racketeering, and even sedition. Yes, a rebellion against our government. Censorship is becoming more prominent in the FREEDOM of information act.
    “Freedoms just another word for nothin’ left to lose.”

  2. Politicizing on the “job” has been a cancer in our State government since 1818 when a fraudulent census was presented in order to become a state. It is nearly impossible for any chairperson to not be available
    morning, noon, or night. You are indoctrinating a class and the White House calls? or the governor? or CNN?, or better yet the U.S. Attorney’s Office? Do you let your phone take a message ? If you are a political scientist what should you do ?

  3. Funded by various sources of Chicago money, the looney left as targeted McLean County for a total political takeover. Since it is a bother for most of the transient BN electorate to vote, it will be up to rural voters to save the area from. total destruction. Local leftists (that include local labor leadership as well as the dependable nutcases on campus) see easily impressionable millennials and those even younger as the base to get them in position to rule. Once seated at their thrones, they will perform like East European oligarchs choosing few winners while intentionally destroying anything positive that is left. Taxes and fees increases will be the continuous order of the day and other commands from on high will be strictly obeyed or the offenders will be strictly dealt with in a number of ways. Crabill and Carrillo are just the appetizer to a forced-fed full course meal of skullduggery.

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