Is a College Degree Really Necessary?

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12 thoughts on “Is a College Degree Really Necessary?

  1. It depends on the career field one is entering. One should also read the full report that advertisement is referring to. There’s a A LOT more to it than the few bits of info being presented. That being said, a college degree is absolutely not required for one to have fulfilling and successful career/life.

  2. Not any more. Considering the socialist brainwashing, the ridiculous price, the delay of entering the job market, and the training of students to be memorizers instead of innovators makes what used to be a ticket to a high paying job, a sentence to a life of debt and low paying jobs. There are so many ways talented, focused, intelligent, driven people can make money today that wasting your time and money in “college” is downright stupid for most people. The 21st Century belongs to the people who think outside the box, innovate and leverage technology not brainwashed memorizers of useless information who rush to “save spaces” and worry about using gender appropriate pronouns.

    1. I wouldn’t go so far as ‘Not any more’, but would agree the main article with ‘More and more, less and less…’, for exactly the reasons you cite.
      Medicine and engineering; probably some of the other STEM fields; and other ‘lesser’, non-grievance studies degrees if you are Truly serious about the field vs just getting a degree and can avoid SJW/snowflake indoctrination are all potentially worthwhile. If ISU wants to survive, they need to realign with those realities vs pandering to voting-age children.

  3. Except for limited technical and some high skill professional areas of study, “the college eduction” has become a overpriced, immoral, Marxist indoctrination system that will eventually–perhaps sooner than later, Elizabeth–totally destroy this country. Please remember that, when you buy a ticket to watch some tattooed hoodlums run up and down a college arena court, you are also support a system that plans to come for you, destroy you, and take everything you have.

    1. So going to watch a Redbirds basketball game (or any college sport) means I support colleges sending paramilitary squads to kill me? And calling student athletes tattooed hoodlums? Atleast you’re honest about your racism.

      1. @CSF – At first I thought Maggie’s comment had a bit of truth to it, but the inappropriate stereotyping overshadowed it. At least until you had no response other than jumping straight to the race card on something which is clearly not racist, which is leftist for “You’re right, so if I can’t refute you, I’ll just slander you.”

        Or if you truly Did find her comment racist, that would imply that you don’t think anyone could possibly consider non-minority athletes ‘tattooed hoodlums’, in which case I don’t think Maggie is the one who’s racist here…

  4. This is a sales brochure that may or may not be based on facts. It is far from sufficient to conclude anything!

  5. The higher education bubble is in the process of bursting. The ROI for most, not all, most degrees, is either negative or has experienced a material decline, all while the price of college has risen exponentially thanks to government-backed loans. There are some fields that require a degree, make no mistake about it. However, the majority of college degrees will not provide a positive return on the initial investment. Open online courses, certificates, trade, and other shorter-form post-secondary learning opportunities are much more specific to the needed skillset and at a fraction of the price. Small college towns will be in trouble if they don’t adapt to this reality. A certain Downstate town comes to mind.

  6. Add in the fact that due to advantages to otherwise not qualified through gradee points individuals such as minority status etc. providing advantage to entry, the pool lowers the grading curve. Any dummy can get into college these days. As more and more folks get college degrees, well it’s the simple law of supply and demand. Duh.

  7. Maggie is voicing the concerns that many Americans have with the current state of sports. LeBron James recent walk out of the national anthem and Colin Kaepernich monetizing disloyalty to the United States are just two examples of how individuals who have been allowed to rise in our capitalist system by only their athletic abilities have become spokespeople/leaders for radical anti-American ideologies. And then we have plenty of examples of off-the-court and off-the-field behavior by many athletes that is anti-social, hateful and sometimes criminal with most fans, colleges or franchises willingly ignoring their transgressions because they are money making machines for them. The days when athletes were truly examples for the young on of how to play and how to act are gone. And in many cases, what used to be our heroes have become highly talented young men (who if it were not for a system that rewards their talents) might very will be tattooed thugs on our streets. So Maggie is not a racist. She is just one of many who are tired of a system that elevates and coddles athletes for money. She is tired of a higher education system that admits and graduates athletes who would not be admitted or graduate if it was not for there athletic abilities. And she is tired of millionaire athletes being given a national voice to drive change that is contrary to the values that make our country great.

  8. Two problems: wage equalization and unfettered immigration… everyone believes they should make the same wage as the next guy. So the nanny wants the same pay as the accountant whose kid they watch, the teller wants the same as the manager. “Living wages”. Sheet metal workers are making the same as engineers designing the systems. Then, there’s the immigration that keeps wages stagnant. Engineering salaries have not increased with inflation. My uncle graduated uiuc in engineering around 1980, and his starting pay was the about the same as my cousin who graduated from Purdue in engineering about 5 years ago. Literally no inflation. I know of a developmental pediatrician making 120k. This is versus nurses that start at 50k and nurse practitioners making 90k. Both these fields have a large percentage of non-native job holders. I still want my kids to learn college level concepts to be successful, just not sure what that will look like in 5-10 years when they graduate high school.

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