Will they investigate?

This post is a part of the investigation BlnNews, Edgar County Watchdogs, For the Good of Illinois, and other citizens have been jointly investigating concerning Illinois corruption with processing of Medicaid claims.

They have been notified!

For over 7 months we have been investigating issues related to Health and Family Services and its relationship with Michigan and a company called CNSI.  By all indications We The People are getting hammered financially with the upcoming Obama Care implementation and with overwhelming evidence of questionable acts just here in Illinois it was evident there was  major problem.

The first leader story ran here, then after the CNSI Senior Vice President-legal counsel commented on that article, I responded in more detail with substantial supporting documentation in this article.gotya

Since that article the information flowing in from whistle-blowers has been quite frankly overwhelming.   Considering the information coming in surpasses our capability with FOIA efforts we realized it was time for legal intervention with each and any entity possible.

I sent this Request for investigation  letter to the following agencies.

  • Bradley Hart -Inspector General Healthcare and Family Services
  • Illinois State Police – Criminal Investigative Division
  • FBI -Attn: Robert Neal Ormerod
  • Attorney General-Criminal Investigations

The very next day the ISP responded with this denial to pursue anything without even so much as a question to get more facts.  Sounds similiar to what we see right here in Edgar County.  It should prove interesting to see how the other agencies respond after this information is exposed nationally.

As we get future updates we will keep you posted!








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  1. my guess is these groups want to see this on Fox News. They will sit there,laugh,point @ the TV & say “Hey,we knew this & its really NO BIG DEAL!”

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