Illinois Medicaid expansion? Not so fast!

Much more information to come!

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Did the Quinn administration circumvent procurement law on $196 million of Medicaid contracting? Is the administration now engaged in a cover-up?
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Medicaid is a quarter of the state government operating budget- the largest program. It serves our most vulnerable citizens: the disadvantaged, disabled, and handicapped. It pays our doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Every dime wasted on insider contract schemes diverts moneys needed to provide services.

Missing an October deadline to upgrade Illinois’ old Medicaid computer system will cause taxpayers to lose tens of millions in federal monies. Governor Quinn admitted his agency was woefully behind pace, read pages 9-10 here.

Seven investigators decided to check the progress. Watchdogs asked for:

  • Implementation Advanced Planning Document– Rejected here.
  • Planning Advanced Planning Document– budget request. Rejected here.
  • All Cost Savings Analysis documents- 30 days later, still no response.
  • All Emails involving direct contact with the major vendor.

    Department of Healthcare & Family Services sent 65. The Watchdogs asked again. This time Central Management Services “found” 746 emails, hereBut, many, many more thousands of emails exist.


What is the Quinn administration hiding? We demand transparency, because there’s a federal grand jury investigation in Louisiana, here.

The Governor’s staff is now deleting Freedom of Information Act requests without even reading them, here.

 But, here’s the good news: thanks to whistleblowers from multiple agencies, most of what was rejected or stonewalled has been procured. Stay tuned for more.

Help blow the Whistle: Confidentially, we want state/vendor party photos, budget documents, state to vendor communication, and any evidence of state government law-breaking.  If you’ve asked questions and your state employment has been terminated or re-assigned, we want to talk to you.

Just respond to this email.

 Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Illinois | CEO

PS- Together, let’s bring a new day of transparency and accountability to Illinois- please help by investing $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 today

2 thoughts on “Illinois Medicaid expansion? Not so fast!

  1. Of course they are covering up! They are in bed with CNSI who is under federal grand jury investigation in LA, sued by South Dakota, sued by Michigan the very state the are using to violate procurement law, has offices with no employees and sends Medicaid work to India with the states knowledge. I have close contacts at CNSI and know what they are capable of including contacting witnesses in LA when under investigation.

    1. You obviously have some knowledge! There is a press conference in Springfield on June 4th to reveal more of what we know. Maybe we should talk!

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