Aggregation Bids: Bloomington

by:  Diane Benjamin

I finally obtained the bids from Tari Renner.  The Bloomington Freedom of Information Officer was evidently too busy to copy.

As previously reported, Bloomington opted for 100% Renewable.  Electricity is not storable, so it is impossible to determine the source of the power.  The turbines East of Bloomington are frequently turned off at night because the power isn’t needed.  It is much easier to turn them off than to turn off a nuclear power plant or a coal fired power plant.  Chances are good that people will want power in the morning, shutting off needed sources isn’t an option.  The environmentalists are kidding themselves because coal plants fire more efficiently when they are at full power.  Emissions are actually higher when they are forced to power down, then power back up.

The lowest bid was of course Homefield.  Bloomington could have chosen an even lower price, but they fell for the 100% option.  Note – Good Energy collected the bids and for that they will be paid .00075 per KWH.  Bloomington is one of many cities that handed Good Energy this sweet deal.  Still believe aggregation is for your benefit?






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