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Is Roy Spencer the world’s most important scientist?

By Norman Rogers

Roy Spencer is a climate scientist at the University of Alabama Huntsville who may be the world’s most important scientist.   He has discovered scientific insights and theories that cast great doubt on global warming doctrine.  That doctrine has always been dubious and is often defended by attacking the integrity of anyone who dares to raise questions.  Spencer is a rare combination of a brilliant scientist and a brave soul willing to risk his livelihood and reputation by speaking plainly.


The global warming promoters say we must scrap the world’s energy infrastructure in favor of green energy.  They say that burning coal, oil and natural gas adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and that will cause a global warming disaster.  The global warming believers demand a massive investment in uneconomic windmills and solar energy.  Their demands are not exactly sincere, because their program is a utopian fantasy that will never be implemented on the scale needed to achieve the ostensible objectives.

The coalition of environmentalists, scientists and politicians who are the promoters of global warming inadvertently reveal their insincerity by the specifics of their programs.  The much idolized Kyoto Protocol and associated Clean Development Mechanism, lets the giant emitters of carbon dioxide, China and India, off scot free for the simple reason that they would never agree to destroy the future of their countries by giving up fossil fuels.  No CO2 emissions credit is allowed for CO2-free nuclear power because it would embarrass the environmental groups that spent decades denouncing nuclear power.

The scientific backing for the global warming scare comes from climate science.  Climate science is a weak science.  The atmosphere is chaotic and difficult to define with scientific theories.  Attempts to predict the future of the climate and to quantify the effects o

f carbon dioxide are speculative and influenced by ideological biases of the various scientists.  In climate science there are strong elements attempting to enforce uniformity of opinion.  Scientists that depart from the prevailing climate political correctness are sanctioned.

Monster computer programs, called climate models, are supposed to mimic the Earth’s climate.  The computer models do a poor job of mimicking the climate. One proof of this is that the 20 or so models from different science groups disagree considerably with each other about the amount of warming that will be caused by adding CO2 to the atmosphere.  But, these inadequate computer models are the basis for the predictions of global warming doom.  The emotional and financial investment in computer models is so great that their creators have lost objectivity concerning their creations.  The computer models are the spoiled children of climate science.

Roy Spencer is not a shrinking violet.  Spencer vigorously promotes his ideas.  If he didn’t, the global warming establishment would happily ignore him and his ideas would be nothing more than a ripple in the climate science ocean.  He issues press releases.  He appears on television and radio.  He is Rush Limbaugh’s “official” climate scientist.  Spencer has written three popular books on climate science as well as a small book on the principles of free market economics.   None of this endears him to his more modest and more politically correct colleagues.

The climate science establishment is irritated that Spencer has come up with highly creative discoveries that the establishment did not think of first.  They don’t like it that he openly contradicts climate celebrities like Al Gore and James Hansen.  If that were not enough irritation, Spencer is a Bible-following Christian, as is his boss at the university, John Christy.  Christy, an ordained minister, was a missionary in Africa before becoming a scientist.  Obviously Christy and Spencer are not the only scientists who are serious Christians, but they don’t seem to care if everyone knows it.
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