Use PAPER ballots!

by:  Diane Benjamin Don’t take any chances on election day.  Use paper ballots – don’t trust electric voting machines.  NO, I don’t want to hear how local machines are fine.  Don’t take any chances with your vote.  Fraud will be rampant, it’s your job to get your friends, family, and neighbors to the polls to […]

Pantagraph: Off their meds

by:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagragh has released a documentary on local problems with mental health.  Jails have been used to detain criminal mentally ill individuals.  Yes it’s a BIG problem, so government is throwing more money at it. The film can be viewed here: Missing from the movie was Mayor Renner!  His thoughts should […]

David Sage: Tax and spend, tax more

by:  Diane Benjamin Alderman David Sage was elected to the Bloomington City Council in 2007.  His job now is NOT to represent his Ward, it’s to run interference for Mayor Renner.  You wouldn’t know that unless you watch the Council meetings. How does he run interference?  He makes sure spending cuts can never be  discussed. […]

More judge ratings for the election

by:  Diane Benjamin This list conflicts with what I posted yesterday. One says Charles Reynard is not recommended, one says he is. A lawyer friend thinks judges ought to be changed often, as in term limits.  It’s up to you.

My election picks

by:  Diane Benjamin Some I’m leaving up to you, some I plan to leave blank.  If you aren’t planning to vote, think about this:  There are numerous reports of ILLEGAL ALIENS voting.  Want them to decide your future?  Do you want voter fraud deciding your future?  The only way to defeat them is for everybody […]

What Bloomington taxpayers are paying tonight

by:  Diane Benjamin The following are from Bills and Payroll to be approved for payment: PANTAGRAPH PUBLISHING  CHECK TOTAL $3,960.11   Peoria Journal Star CHECK TOTAL $1,314.12   LEGAL Outside Legal Co $90,640.10  (Sent out of Bloomington) How much was spent on my lawsuit and how much was spent on the Paradigm fiasco?   Unclaimed […]