Koos shows true colors again

by:  Diane Benjamin

Maybe you remember Normal Mayor Koos was a signing member of Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns. (https://blnnews.com/2013/01/25/mayors-against-illegal-guns/)  That group was started by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the same guy who tried to limit the size of soda people in New York can buy.  Bloomberg then interjected tons of money across the country trying to defeat pro-second amendment  candidates.  He failed.   Note to Bloomberg:  People WANT and HAVE the right to defend themselves.  We all knew Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns had nothing to do with illegal guns, it was about CONTROL.

Now Koos has joined another group.  He signed a letter to Congress calling for a $10.10 minimum wage.   You can see the letter here:  Mayor’s for $10.10

Koos2Koos jumped on this one early  – the 22nd to sign.  Did you see who the Chair of the Task Force is?  The current Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio.  He’s the guy who, immediately after taking office, wanted to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City.   Koos already allows one in Uptown, he must have missed the memo.

Bloomberg and de Blasio want to control the people.  Koos is no different.

Congrats Normal.  Your mayor believes government has the right to control you.  He wants to control your guns.  He is controlling vehicles by changing intersections.  Now he wants to control your salary.  The ultimate result is loss of your freedoms.

Raising the minimum wage has nothing to do with compassion.  The unintended consequences negate any benefits.  If we had free markets, wages would be paid according to worth – not mandated by government.

Evidently the majority of Normal approves.  It’s sad to see people willingly submit to socialism.








2 thoughts on “Koos shows true colors again

  1. Once again Koos show his ignorance concerning cause and effect. The reason that wages are too low is because things cost too much. Reel in the costs and the wages will take care of themselves. Poor Koos, always in the socialist camp. One almost has to feel sorry for this man,,,almost.


  2. Mayor Koos. It is clear the biggest threat to our way of life is not climate change, but the change offered by progressives.


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