Monday’s spending your bucks:

By:  Diane Benjamin (Wait a little longer for the stories referenced yesterday) From Bills and Payroll for 6/27/16:   More Consultants: _________________ Legal:   _________________ This is the same consultant used to evaluate David Hales: _________________ Media: Now: Eating and traveling at your expense: City Council Expenses Station 220 Inc $ 30.47 […]

Paying for stagnation

By:  Diane Benjamin From Bills and Payroll for Monday night: More consultants: Real Estate Appraiser: ____________________ These groups (plus BN Advantage) get your money for Economic Development, but are completely unaccountable for how it’s spent: Downtown Bloomington Association was supposed to pay for itself years ago.   Budgeted for 2017:  (Because government economic […]

Two other things on Monday’s Council agenda

By:  Diane Benjamin All information is from the Bloomington packet: – The City has to pay $10,260 to the IEPA for the Operating Permits violation.  They were sued by the Attorney General – documents are included.  The fine could have been a lot worse.  (Starts on page 50 – use the PDF page numbers) Meanwhile, […]

Bloomington Budget – HR and Legal

By:  Diane Benjamin The retirement of the HR Director last year, and the payout for accumulated sick days, appears to be in Benefits – 2015. The outsourced legal expenses appear to be in Contractual.  It’s all money sent outside of Bloomington for legal work. Details included in Book 1 may explain more if you want […]