Paying for stagnation

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Bills and Payroll for Monday night:

More consultants:


Real Estate Appraiser:



These groups (plus BN Advantage) get your money for Economic Development, but are completely unaccountable for how it’s spent:

Downtown Bloomington Association was supposed to pay for itself years ago.





Budgeted for 2017:  (Because government economic development is preferred)

(click to enlarge)

The local economy will be stagnant until government gets out of the way!  When citizens have less money to spend because government takes more, progress STOPS.  (An Econ 101 course is badly needed!)



More Bike Trails:




Legal – $64,721.25 for ONE month – all shipped out of the area!  So much for Buy Local!legal1a2

The City of Bloomington has a “Buy Local” policy.  Citizens are being told to “Buy Local”.  The Chamber of Commerce is pushing it – see this link:

Evidently Bloomington doesn’t have any good local lawyers.


What’s this?  FOIA it!. (Send



5 thoughts on “Paying for stagnation

  1. There’s a reason I decided to move back to Wisconsin, when my SF job ended. I could see trouble brewing with the finances of Bloomington following the state government to insolvency, looks like I made a good choice in getting out.

    1. Dude…given the litany of ‘rocket scientists’ this town has been careless enough to elect to that office, that is an absolutely damning assessment – and one I can scarcely disagree with,

      This never ending nonsense is making me wish Bernie Sanders was the mayor of Bloomington…

      prolly be cheaper …lol

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